We Are Authorized Bronze Scaled Agile Partner

Leanwisdom is a well-recognized  Agile and Scrum solution provider which brings real-world experiences to the table. Including all the Learning and Knowledge with never-ending experiential workshops & training’s.

Why Leanwisdom?

Leanwisdom is the best curated professional course provider for Project Management, Agile and Scrum. With a desire to guide professionals in their Agile Journey. It is a leading programs provider designed to approve the skills of professionals and help the organizations to achieve the business calls

Our offerings include – Training, Coaching, Consulting.

In a short span we have trained many professionals and supporting them with Cross-Skilling and upskilling, the Agile, Scrum and other Project Management domain. By 20 + years highly experienced trainers / Coaches in the respective domain.

Our main focus is on Coaching and Consulting

Our trainers understand that Agile is not one size and fits in all the solutions. So we offer expert guidance with well-planned and designed Agile methodologies like SCRUM, technical practices of XP, Kanban, etc. This will help the organization to find and achieve measurable goals for maximum agility; our customized coaching and consulting ensure appropriate Agile implementation which is critical to achieving the maximum benefit and impact of Agile. Leanwisdom is offering successful solutions for years.

Leanwisdom is the most trusted learning and development partner for the working professionals in all the prestigious companies. We have specially customized quotes based on your corporate needs. Please get in touch with our Sales team for more details……  Leanwisdom believes in experiencing and implementing the facts rather than learning or By hearting. Our training is not just about learning but we have an assessment to test your team’s performance as well.

Our SAFe Trainers

Safe Agilist Trainer Bangalore

Mr. Jayaprakash Prabhakar

Jayaprakash Prabhakar, known as JP, is a passionate trainer and consultant in Agile, Scrum & SAFe with 25 years of rich experience in software development, testing, and agile coaching. JP dedicates his efforts to transform software enterprises to Agile methodology with the goal of releasing software with high quality in a short period of time. As a coach, his focus is on Scrum process & development and test practices. He is a strong believer in engineering practices. He trained over 9000 professionals on agile. Beyond training, he coached and transformed 60 teams on agile. He has a customized way of implementing these practices in the scrum and show a tremendous improvement in quality/predictability. He has various certifications – CSM, CSPO, CSP & SPC. In the last 1.5 years, he coached over half a dozen software enterprises. JP is a passionate speaker at International Conferences on Agile and Testing. He won over a dozen prestigious awards. His significant experience lies in: Agile / SAFe Consulting, Product Quality, Engineering practices, Leadership, and Lean Start-up.




~20 years of IT organization experience.

I successfully played Development, Testing, Tech Lead, and Project lead and QA, Scrum Master, Agile & Kanban coach and PO.
I worked in Waterfall, V-Model, and then Agile Scrum along with some Safety related projects & the Embedded ones.
I like training & coaching and it is my passion. I also like Combinatorial testing looking at the benefits of it and also enjoyed helping people implement it. I have trained 4000+ Software Professionals on Agile Scrum Basics, Scrum Master in Projects, Development in Scrum & Testing in Scrum, DevOps
Agile Coaching :
My role involves being with team day to day and guiding them on the best practices used as Scrum team like Poker Planning & other estimation, TDD, KANBAN, Pair Programming, effective reviews in Scrum, Combinatorial & orthogonal array-based Testing, Conducting Retrospectives as 3rd party and helping scrum master to resolve day to day issues and guiding them to a successful execution.

Organization-wide Process Involvement:–

In the process of training and coaching teams, I got an opportunity to write the Agile Scrum Procedure for the complete organization. The procedure is published as an organization process document as part of QMS & is used by the complete organization for day to day execution.
Devised and written the Project procedure for a Safety relevant project.


My white paper of Productivity in Agile Projects in published in the ICQRE book and I presented it in 2011 – International Conference for Quality & Reliability Engineering at Bangalore.

Krishna Joshi , Agile Coach : Profile Summary

A successful Agile Coach/Trainer with the 19+ years of industrial experience while working with IBM, Ca Technologies,
CSC, Mahindra Satyam, PegaSystems, NTT Data and extensively travelled on Consulting/Business Development and Scrum, Agile, Scaled Agile Consulting assignments in India, US, UK, Ukraine.


  • • Krishna has coached over 50+ Agile Teams to become Self Organizing and High Performing Teams.
    • Seasoned coach on Agile Methodologies and have the experience of running several Corporate and Public Workshops
    on Scrum, Agile, Scaled Agile Frameworks and custom workshops for Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Agile
    Transformation, etc
    • Played multiple Leadership Consulting roles over the past decade, as a Consultant, Agile Transformation Coach,
    Program/Portfolio Manager for Delivery, Pre-Sales Manager, Test Manager, Business Transition Manager, Business
    Analyst, Consulting Leader, etc.
    • Provides the best combination of Client IT Delivery experience and Project Methodology, Extreme Programming (XP)
    Engineering Practices.
    • Led many large initiatives and helped assist organizations in influencing their mindset change to agility and value
    • A passionate coach to teams on delivering products that delight their customers, enabling business results, and in
    creating a joyful workplace where people love to work.
    • Hosted many Technology Conferences, Webinars, and a passionate speaker at various Agile conferences on Project
    • Travel-ready and has Visa to the US, UK, Ukraine and a PR for Australia
    • Co-founder and Board member of Agile Consulting Organizations, IT Start-ups Hyderabad.