Certified Scrum Master Certification Training | CSM Course

LeanWisdom offers Certified Scrum Master Certification training. Learn to form and manage a Scrum Team and work within the boundaries of the Agile methodology and Scrum framework. Utilize Scrum to optimize your team’s efficiency. The Certified Scrum Master Course offered by LeanWisdom is a must-do course for all aspiring Scrum Masters

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Key Features of Certified Scrum Master (CSM) Certification

Certified Scrum Master Certification training by LeanWisdom gives you the following:

100% assured results
2 days of activity-based classroom training
15 PDUs and 15 SEUs
Training organized by some of the best Trained CST’S
Course material: printed workbook
Two-year membership to the Scrum Alliance

Upcoming Certified Scrum Master Certification Training | CSM Course

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Certified Scrum Master Certification Course Overview

The Certified Scrum Master or CSM course is helpful for those who want to implement Scrum in their organization. This interactive learning experience is designed to ensure your success in the Scrum process. The main role of a Scrum Master is to check out that the team uses the Agile framework and follows Agile principles and practices.

Scrum methodology is a framework used to solve complex adaptive problems and produce high-quality products. Scrum can be defined as a methodology that is lightweight, simple to understand and difficult to master.

Scrum framework is a simple framework that bridges the gap between teams and makes the procedure for producing a complex product easier. Thus, this methodology is used by most software companies, however, its principles can also be used in all kinds of teams. Mostly, Scrum describes a set of meetings, tools, and roles that help the teams to manage their work.

Scrum for Project management highlights teamwork, accountability, and iterative evolution towards well-defined goals and enterprise transformation.

A Scrum Alliance authorized Certified Scrum Master training can be imparted by a CST (Certified Scrum Master). CSM exam candidates need to undergo CSM training under qualified CST trainers. Through this training, professionals can improve their proficiency in Agile and Scrum practices. Certified Scrum Masters have a strong knowledge of Scrum and are instrumental in strengthening teamwork. Along with that, you will also get the opportunity to become a member of the Scrum Alliance for 2 years.

CSM certification increases your earning potential and adds a feather to your career cap. So, come to LeanWisdom to do the Certified Scrum Master course and be successful in your organization by adopting the Agile mindset and delivering successful projects.

Why CSM Certification

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Topics Covered

Overview of Scrum

Outline of a Scrum project

The Scrum Master

The Product Owner


The Scrum teams

Product Backlog


Enterprise transformation

Why Choose Us ?

Accredited Bronze Partner of Scaled Agile Academy

Trainers with 25+ years of experience

Free access to all webinars

One-on-one mentoring by SPCs to improve Your SAFe knowledge

Trainer will share the practical experience of how to implement SAFe during the workshop, which will help the participants learn and implement SAFe successfully at work.

Extensive and highly interactive mock exam to prepare you for the final exam.

Participant will get access to SAFe forum, where in there will be more videos / resources shared only for you.

Provides complete range of SAFe® Training and SAFe® Certification

100% success rate

Certification Advantage
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Who can attend ?

Scrum Master, Delivery Lead
Agile Scrum Master, Program Manager
Automation Engineer, Project Lead
Project Manager, Agile Coach

Benefits of Scrum Master Certification

Appreciate the importance of applying Agile methodology during the development and testing stage

Understand the importance of applying Agile project management to make the work process easy and help the organization produce a quality product within the given timeline.

Utilize your knowledge of Scrum to assist the organization in quick Return on Investment because at the end of every sprint you will have a product release that is incremental when compared to the preceding one.

Recognize the role of the Scrum Master in helping the organisation to measure the real cost and allocate the budget by making it very easy to manage the actual cost of the project.

Lower risk factor for poor quality because development and testing processes are followed in each stage making it easy for the Scrum team to deliver the right products as per the need of the customer.

Introduce the Scrum methodology to make the work process easy and produce a quality product on time. This methodology is simple and can be easily understood. The Product Owner makes sure that all the product backlogs are cleared at every sprint. However, each team member has permission to share their ideas based on which actions are performed. Thus, this makes the work procedure easy. After having a clear concept and understanding the task each team performs the task.

Ensure customer satisfaction because the client takes part in each meeting and therefore, always knows about the development of the product. They can ask for the necessary changes at that time and thus there remains no chance for bad product quality.

Goals of Scrum Master Cerification training

Balance the role of a negotiator within the team as well as with the customer to define the project deliverable keeping the vision in mind

Motivate the Scrum Team to perform according to their tasks and capabilities

Build a plan for product delivery

Be a facilitator and help team members collaborate with each other

Measure the performance of the Scrum Team

Mentor the team to become self-organized

Assist the team in removing impediments and manage the workflow

Coordinate between the members of the Scrum Team and with the customer

Understand Agile methodology operations

Hence, Certified Scrum Master certification is recommended for aspiring Scrum Masters for performance improvement and enterprise transformation. Come to LeanWisdom for the best Scrum Master certification training in town.
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Certified Scrum Master Certification Training | CSM Course FAQ's

Till now there is no specific experience required to opt for this course. But you need to have a basic knowledge about the Scrum process. However, the candidate needs to have a hunger for learning the skills and way to implement it. Thus, you can get to know about the Scrum from the pre-course study material.

No, the individual must attain 2 days of training to give the CSM exam. This training will be provided by the Certified Scrum Trainer from the Scrum Alliance.

There is no separate charge for the certification and the training fee is included in the CSM certification cost.

There will be 50 multiple choice questions and you will be given 1 hour to finish it. This is an online-based exam, not paper-based.

You will get 1 hour to complete your online exam. Within three months of completing the training, you need to appear for the exam. If by mistake your test window gets closed while giving the exam, you can reopen it again. In case if you lose your internet connection then immediately reach out to the Scrum Alliance support team with a request for a new test set-up.

You must get 37 out of 50 that is 74% to qualify the exam.

If you fail in the exam in the first attempt you can appear for the exam for the second time without paying any extra fees. But if you take up the exam for the third time then you need to pay an exam fee of $25.

Once you finish your exam you can immediately see your score. When you will find that you have already cleared the exam you can open the profile setting to accept the License Agreement. Your certificate will be ready when you finish updating the contact details. You need to Access through the profile either using the public link or the private link which is present in the dashboard on the top right-side corner.

Your CSM certificate will remain valid for 2 years from the day you completed your exam

You need to login to the certification account by using your login details and reach to the dashboard. Now, you need to click on the Action window to renew your certificate. Then you will be taken to the payment page where you need to clear your payment.

You will be receiving your certificate from Scrum Alliance.

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