Agile Coach ICP ACC Certification Training Course

Obtaining (ICP ACC Certification)- Certified Agile Coach Certification expedites the organization’s transformation. The Agile Coach dons many hats including that of teacher, guide, mentor, facilitator, planner, and team builder.

These diverse roles are instrumental in equipping the coach to steer teams toward the realization and attainment of business objectives and goals. After Completing ICP ACC Training you become an Agile Coach, one who helps the team cross their boundaries and achieve excellence..

His/her main aim is to change the mindset to Agile thinking and improve team practices for achieving the goals.

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Key Features Of Our ICP ACC Certification Training

 3- day interactive online training 
 ICAgile membership 
 24 PDUs and 24 SEUs 
 ICP-ACC Course certificate on completion 
Trained by experienced Agile coaches 
 Courseware in the form of hard copy 
 Get access to the agile toolkit & nbsp;
 ICP ACC credentials 

Upcoming Agile Coach ICP ACC Certification Training Course

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ICP ACC Certification Training Course Overview

In the IT industry, the ICP Agile Certification Training Course is one of the top knowledge-based certification courses for Agile Coaches. The ICP ACC certification is awarded to all those who have undergone the ICP Agile Certification and imbibed the Agile philosophy.

Apart from focusing on the Agile mindset, ICP ACC directs attention to key areas of Agile philosophy and provides the Agile Coach with a comprehensive understanding of the Agile techniques and the roles and responsibilities of an Agile coach.

The Certified Agile coach is in a position to bring about a much-needed change in workflow and propel the organization towards achieving the business goals.

The affordable cost of obtaining Agile coach certification is an added incentive for doing this course. Also, acquiring an Agile Coach Certificate will help you secure a highly paid job of an Agile coach in a reputed organization.

3-days of the ICP ACC Certification workshop  conducted by LeanWisdom is filled with practical examples and activities which will give you a clear understanding of the ‘doing’ and ‘being’ Agile Coach with our lowest cost fees

Like all business or technical experts, Certified Agile Coaches possess some unique behavior skills like active listening, powerful questioning, self-management, effective communication, strong interpersonal relationships, and so on.

A Certified Agile coach will also develop the capability to create a safe environment for collaboration between the Agile teams.

The ICP Agile Certification will help you to enhance your Agile knowledge and develop fundamental skills in team coaching. It will help you to understand the concepts of team development (including the sense of belonging and ownership) right from the start of a small team till it grows into a large-size one.

A certified ICP ACC Coach will understand the difference between mentoring, facilitating, coaching, and teaching.

The coach will learn how to promote empathy and build rapport among the team members. In cases where there is conflict, the management skills required to resolve the conflict in a healthy and effective manner within the Agile team are also acquired after completing the ICP ACC certification training  

These will help the Agile coach serve the individual team members of an Agile team and lead them towards higher levels of individual and team maturity.

An effective Agile coach will allow a team to utilize their inherent and developed strengths to benefit the entire organization.


  • This will not be a theory class. Instead, this will be a 3-day experience-sharing session.
  • Our experienced trainers will help you develop a professional coaching skill set.
  • We can provide Certified Agile Coach Training and ICP ACC Certification classes in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, and Pune

Why ICP ACC Training and Certification

By undergoing the ICP-ACC Agile Coach Certification training you will:

Adopt the Agile mindset

Learn the roles and responsibilities of the Agile Coach

Conduct effective Agile coaching through conversations

Enhance your Agile coach certification skills in managing conflicts and organizational impediments

Facilitate team planning

Understand the key steps to productive team development

That’s why it is important that you become an ICP-ACC Certified coach.

Topics Covered

Accredited coach training program includes the following topics:

Mentoring Agile Roles and Transitions

The Agile Coaching Mindset

The Coaching Stance

Acquiring Professional Coaching Skills

Coaching Conversations – Coaching for Action

Journey toward High Performance

Handling Conflict and Inhibitions within the Team

Why Choose Us ?

Trainers in LeanWisdom have hands-on experience in implementing Agile and Scaled Agile. The ICP ACC training sessions are more of knowledge sharing experiences and filled with practical examples. Thus, this helps you understand as well as perform your roles and responsibilities.

You will receive the ICAgile Certified Professional in Agile Coaching (ICP-ACC) certificate after completing the course successfully.

Trainers with 25+ years of experience

Free access to all webinars

Extensive and highly interactive mock exam to prepare you for the final exam.

100% success rate

You will be provided with a lifetime membership with ICAgile.

Our agile coach certification fees are Affordable

ICP ACC Training Advantage

ICP ACC training is an expertise-based totally agile education certification.

The number one attention of this certification is to set the agile mindset, roles, and obligations of an agile instruct

After achieving this certification, a candidate can effortlessly differentiate among facilitating, mentoring, expert coaching, and teaching.

Also, the candidates will examine all the skills like crew collaboration and battle decisions so as to result in the form of safe surroundings in an employer.

The important thing cognizance of this certification is to develop an expertise of the expert education skill set in addition to the cost of honing these talents which will serve individuals in an agile group.

Who can attend ?

Current or aspiring Agile coaches

Scrum Masters, Product Owners

Professionals in a leadership role for Agile projects

Current or aspiring Agile coaches

ICP Agile Certification Benefits

During the 3- days of ICP ACC training you will get:

ICAgile Certified Professional in Agile Coaching (ICP ACC) certificate

24 Leadership PDUs for PMI Certificate Renewal

24 Category B SEUs for CSP goal

ICP Agile Certification Goals

On completion of ICP ACC Training course you will be able to:

Differentiate between the coaching, mentoring, teaching and Agile coaching mindset

Develop an Agile Coaching mindset

Acquire the skills to become an enterprise Agile Coach

Have a clear concept of the roles and responsibilities of an Agile Coach

Able to create working agreements among geographically distributed teams

Comprehend how to construct high-performance and self-organizing teams

Develop skills to handle conflicts within the team

Unique & Key Features


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Agile Coach ICP ACC Certification Training Course FAQ's

You must have basic knowledge of Agile and some experience in an Agile lead role- Scrum Master, Product Manager, Product Owner, etc. to opt for this course.

Till now this certification course is not available online or virtual.

An Agile Coach acts as a catalyst who helps the team in improving their working procedure to become a high-performing team. When people come to understand the theory behind the Agile, it becomes difficult for them to implement it. This is the place where an Agile Coaches acts as a change agent. This certification helps the Agile Coach in developing the skillset and knowledge to act as an efficient Agile Coach.

Internationally recognized ICAgile certification body certifies the ICAgile Certified Professional- Agile Certified Coach (ICP-ACC) after completing the course.

Completing the course successfully will help you in receiving 24 PDUs and 24 SEUs.

The trainer will be the one who is an Agile expert and has years of industrial experience along with a certificate from ICAgile.