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5 things that I loved in SAFe 6.0

I have been closely watching and implementing the SAFe framework for years. Every version of SAFe is something better than the previous one.
Scaled Agile Inc has recently released the new version of SAFe – SAFe 6.0.

Date & Time: Apr 15, 2023, 07:00 PM (IST)

lead time vs cycle time

Jayaprakash Prabhakar (JP)

SPCT Candidate & Enterprise Agile Coach

A seasoned & passionate trainer and coach in Agile, Scrum & SAFe with over 25 years of rich experience in software development, testing and agile and Scaled Agile coaching. As a coach, his focus is on Scrum process & development and test practices. He is a strong believer of engineering practices. He has trained over 2000 professionals, certified 1000 people on SAFe and coached over 100 teams on agile / SAFe. He has a customized way of implementing these practices in scrum and show a tremendous improvement in quality / predictability. He won over dozen prestigious awards. JP is a passionate speaker at International Conferences on Agile and Testing He has significant experience in: Agile / SAFe Consulting, Lean Start-up, Engineering practices, Product Quality, Leadership, Software Development & Testing.

JP sir

Scaled Agile Inc has recently released the new version of SAFe – SAFe 6.0. SAFe 6.0 has many cool things to learn and implement. I carefully spent time in understanding the elements of SAFe 6.0 and as a SAFe practitioner, I loved 5 key things in SAFe 6.0 that I would definitely implement in my future SAFe implementations. Which are those?

Looking forward to sharing my views with all of you… See you on 15/04/2023 (Saturday) at 7 PM