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Role of Scrum Masters in SAFe transformation

In my view, the Scrum Master’s role in SAFe transformation is underrated. Scrum Master to a large extent is considered a project manager. SMs also limit themselves to traditional Project Management.
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Jayaprakash Prabhakar (JP)

Enterprise Agile Coach & SAFe Program Consultant

A seasoned and passionate Agile, Scrum and SAFe® trainer and coach, Jayaprakash Prabhakar (or JP as he is known to all) come with abundant experience of over 23 years in software development, testing, Engineering Leadership, Agile and SAFe coaching. He has helped a few Fortune 100 companies in their Agile / SAFe transformation. He has presented white papers at multiple Agile Conferences

JP sir

In my consulting, most of the SM’s typical day of an SM ends with the following responsibilities

  • Tracking every developer’s tasks
  • Updating tasks in tools like JIRA
  • Directing team on closing tasks
  • Setting up Scrum events and bringing the team to the meeting
  • Removing the team’s impediments
  • Attending SAFe events like Scrum of Scrum, System Demo, etc

Is this your job as SM? No, not at all. Then what is your role?

Before defining the role of SM, let me set a bigger context. What is your goal in the next 3-5 years? Do you see yourself playing a vital role in a Scaled Agile Transformation as an Enterprise Coach / Scaled Program Consultant? If so, you need to do a lot different than what is listed above.

In my view, SM plays a very critical role in the transformation journey. In this webinar, I will address the following questions that can help you as a Scrum Master.

  • How critical is your role in transforming leaders, and teams?
  • Your role in SAFe transformation?
  • What are the additional skills that you need to build to be successful?
  • Anti-patterns that you need to be aware of & avoid?
  • What should be your competency, and how to measure them and improve them?
  • What’s your career path in the SAFe journey?

Please join me in this webinar to polish yourself and be the best in this role. 

Let’s redefine the Scrum Master role and transform the world!

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