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What’s New in SAFe 6.0?

SAFe 6.0 release represents a significant advance in how enterprises integrate SAFe practices in day-to-day work, make the change stick, and achieve the benefits of true business agility.

Here is an excellent opportunity to understand what is new in SAFe 6.0.

ICP ACC Certification

Sathyanarayana HR ( SPCT)

Chief Mentor & Strategic Advisor

Sathyanarayana H R is a certified SPCT (SAFe Program Consultant Trainer), Transformation Architect, and Agile Master, and is a well-known Agilist in the community. He has worked with multiple large enterprises helping them in their SAFe/Lean/Agile transformation Journey


If you are a SAFe practitioner, or SAFe Certified personnel it is an

  • Opportunity to understand and upgrade to 6.0
  • Help your enterprises to achieve business agility
  • Upskill yourself with SAFe 6.0

This Webinar is going to cover six primary Themes in SAFe 6.0.

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Here are a few contexts where I would recommend not implementing SAFe.

  • Strengthening the foundation of business agility
  • Empowering teams and clarifying responsibilities
  • Accelerating value flow
  • Enhancing Business Agility with SAFe across business
  • Building the future with AI, Big data,, and cloud

Delivering better outcomes with measure and growth and OKRs

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