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Certified Scrum Master (CSM) Certification Cost – Overview

Certified Scrum Master is the most valuable credential for anyone interested in a career as a scrum master. However, before considering the certification, you must calculate and analyze its cost.

When you search for CSM Certification Cost, you’ll find that many organizations offer this training at a reasonable price. But first, you’ll need to determine which course meets your requirements.

Introduction to the certified scrum masters program

The Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) training is widely recognized as the industry’s most prestigious accreditation. The CSM training facility prepares you with the assistance of the most professional and enthusiastic agile trainers, ensuring that each CSM class is customized to each learner for the best learning opportunity.

Training in CSM equips you with practical knowledge that will help you advance in your desired career. 

Some Significant Features of the CSM Program

  • Online learning session for two days
  • Virtual training led by a certified instructor
  • The cost of the exam is part of the course fee
  • A group of internationally recognized Certified Scrum Trainers
  • The cost includes 16 PDUs
  • End-of-chapter quizzes
  • Role-playing games, simulations, and other interactive activities are included
  • Modern training and assistance
  • Several instructional modules

Getting CSM certification:

To learn Scrum, you’ll need to schedule a session with a Certified Professional Trainer or work with a Qualified Agile Coach.
Thus, if you are interested in obtaining a CSM Certification, it is recommended that you first make an online listing for appropriate training facilities. In addition, before choosing a CST or CAC, it is often advisable to get recommendations from associates or to read reviews and testimonials.

About CSM certification cost

You must participate in the best certification program to boost your business’s efficiency. The world’s most prestigious organizations highly regard the CSM certification online for leading management and organizational advancement.

The certified scrum master certification cost includes more than the examination fee; there are also training, retake, and renewal fees to consider.

If you want to register for CSM training, you must know about the CSM cost.

India25000 – 30000INR
Canada1195 – 1500CAD
USA1000 – 2000USD
Australia1600 – 1700AUD

The cost of a CSM varies from one region to another. The table provides an overview of the CSM certification costs, including test fees, course fees, and membership fees. The cost for this program varies globally. Check out how much it costs to become a Certified Scrum Master in different countries/regions.

Cost summary

Cost ClassificationCost analysis
Cost of virtual trainingRupees 19,999/- in India and $1,295 in the United States
Fee for the examinationCourse cost includes this
Cost for subsequent attempts– The second attempt is free within 60 days of training completion.- $25 after two unsuccessful attempts
Fee for RenewalEvery two years, pay $100 and 20 SEUs.

Examination retakes cost

If you fail the first exam and retake it within 60 days, there is no charge.
You will be charged an additional $ 25 if you fail on your third attempt. The division is presented simply in the table below.

Initial attemptAs part of the course fee
Second attempt within sixty days of trainingNo charge
The second attempt, after 60 days of preparationThere is a fee associated with this exam retake.$25/-
Third attempt and subsequentStandard retake cost is applicable$25/Attempt

CSM Renewal cost

There are two requirements for CSM certification renewal. One has a cost of $100/- and 20 SEUs. SEUs are just educational units for Scrum, and you can get them in the following methods.

  • Donations Made by Voluntary Organisations
  • Self-Learning
  • Teaching the Scrum Methodology and Serving as a Mentor
  • Any Other Team-Based Learning Activities
  • Participating in Scrum Meetings

Updating your certification involves paying a fee and completing SEUs, as outlined in the table below.

Certificate NameFeeSEU’s

Cost of CSM certification in India

Certified CSM is beneficial and in greater demand, as most software industries are expanding by implementing Scrum Framework practices. A Scrum Master enables their Scrum Team to accomplish a project. They guide, facilitate, and teach Scrum practices to their team to ensure proper implementation. Scrum Master Certification identifies you as a member of a select set of Scrum Alliance members qualified to lead successful project teams.

The cost of CSM training varies depending on the location in which certification is desired, the training module chosen, and the training center. Virtual online training, traditional classroom learning, and in-house corporate training are just a few available training options. On the other hand, the cost of training in India might range from around Rs 25,000 to Rs 30,000, which includes the cost of taking the exam.

Getting certified as a Scrum Master (CSM) can turn out to be the best decision you ever make, regardless of what it is that you do for a living right now. Within the next few years, the demand for specialists in that field is only anticipated to increase.

Benefits of CSM training

  • Using Scrum, you may comprehensively understand the product development cycle. You will learn how to function at your own pace while maintaining the business’s overall purpose. Additionally, it helps you complete the project on schedule and with a sense of accomplishment.
  • When others think Scrum is simple to execute while you are working with your team, they will find that it is challenging to do it on their alone without previous experience. Scrum training is a way that can be of assistance because it provides the opportunity to learn agile practice in a practical scenario.
  • First, you will learn the fundamentals of agility and then practice applying that agility to real-world scenarios. You will learn to participate in Scrum activities and improve the Scrum process.


You should be in a great position to make the appropriate decisions over the following few months now that you know everything there is to know about having a CSM Certification and taking your career on a new path. 

Despite the fact that many organizations offer CSM training, a few provide certification. Scrum Framework is a methodology, so your choice should be based on what you want to accomplish.

The Certified Training Provider assists industrial professionals in advancing their careers in the business sector by enhancing their experience and knowledge. Companies may provide training in the scrum methodology, but what matters is whether or not its ideas are put to practical use. Therefore, before continuing on the exciting learning experience of the Scrum Methodology, ensure that you are as well-informed as is practical in the relevant subjects. Join today to better your career with CSM certification.