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Agile Prioritization Techniques
Agile Prioritization Techniques
What is Prioritization and why is it required?   Agile enables building and delivering high-quality products/solutions faster, catering to customer demands which may keep changing very often. Scrum is a framework under the umbrella of Agile. There are different events or Agile ceremonies that are held in Scrum to deliver a high-quality product to the customer.…
Product Backlog Refinement
What is Product Backlog Refinement- Why & How You Do It?
What is Backlog Refinement? Backlog refinement is the process of adding detail, estimates, and ordering the user stories in the product backlog. It is an ongoing process that should happen throughout the sprint. The product owner is responsible for refining the backlog, but the whole team should be involved.  The goal of product backlog refinement…
Product Backlog 1
Top Key Factors that Impact Prioritization of Product Backlog
As per multiple studies done on the products, it is proven that  Only 20% of the product features are fully utilized,  20% of the features are never used by the users 40% of the features are often used 20% of the features are rarely used (Please refer to Standish’s Chaos Report ) If this is…

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