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The list of best Agile Certifications for Project Managers

With Fortune 500 Companies switching to Agile methodologies, employers are looking for Agile professionals with outstanding project management skills. Pursuing a course in Agile in 2022 will make you marketable and help you acquire skills with huge career prospects. 

A Scaled Agile Certification can accelerate your career as an Agile professional and help you to bring Agile practices to your organization and cross-functional teams. 

With the development of Agile practices no longer limited to IT, an Agile certification can help you land reputable jobs in business sectors such as operations, marketing, and HR other than IT. 

This article will discuss the best Agile certifications in 2022 and how they can benefit you from a career standpoint. 

Top Agile Certifications For Project Managers:

  1. SAFe Agilist Certification


SAFe Agilist Certification

With major companies looking for SAFe practitioners and consultants, the SAFe Agilist Certification can be highly beneficial for candidates seeking growth within their industry.

This course focuses on the different value streams in Agile, equipping candidates with the resources to eliminate the roadblocks and facilitate an organization’s journey forward with the client. 

This certification for agile is exclusively designed for Software Developers, IT Professionals, Project Managers, Product Owners, Product Managers, Vice presidents, Solution or Systems architects, CIOs, and Engineers in any industry who want to become scaled agile experts. 

There are no prerequisites for the SAFe Agilist Certification; whoever is interested is welcome to attend the course. However, candidates with five years plus experience in software development, business analysis, testing, and product management are highly recommended to attend the course. 

  1. SAFe POPM Certification
SAFe POPM Certification

With the SAFe framework being embraced by most organizations, a SAFe POPM certification will help you deliver better products efficiently as a Product Owner or Product Manager. 

The SAFe POPM Certification helps you understand the value streams within a Lean-Agile enterprise and Product Increment. As one of the top Agile certifications, this course can be attended by Program Managers, Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, Release Train EngineersBusiness Owners, Solution Managers, Portfolio Managers, Program Managers, and Business Analysts.

  1. SAFe Program Consultant(SPC) Certification
SAFe Program Consultant(SPC) Certification

With several agile certification types in the market, choosing the proper certification might be challenging. With companies switching to a SAFe framework, a certified Safe Program Consultant is in demand!

This course teaches participants how to become change agents in a SAFe framework to ensure the proper implementation of SAFe.

Candidates learn how to train across multiple agile teams, build ARTs and facilitate the execution of projects.  This course has been designed for Professional Service Consultants, Internal Change Agents, Business executives, and IT professionals. 

  1. Certified Scrum Master (CSM)
Certified Scrum Master (CSM)

One of the best Agile certifications in 2022, the Certified Scrum Master Certification is perfect for Agile Professionals looking forward to pursuing their careers as Scrum Masters. 

A Certified Scrum Certification will help candidates understand the Scrum framework and perform tasks promptly and strategically, allowing room for change and adaptability

  1. Professional Scrum Master (PSM 1)
Professional Scrum Master (PSM 1)

The Professional Scrum Master is perfect for candidates already working as Agile Coach, Scrum Master, or a product owner in their organization. 

This course deals with the fundamentals of what makes a good Scrum master and the workings of a Scrum team. Candidates acquire the knowledge to handle the challenges of middle management and act efficiently as a Scrum master across multiple agile teams. 

With the high demand for Scrum Master in Agile organizations, a certification in Professional Scrum Master can skyrocket one’s career in Agile.

  1. Certified Scrum Product Owner.
Certified Scrum Product Owner.

One of the most important roles is that of a Product Owner in a Scrum framework, who puts the client’s requirements into perspective and ensures delivering valuables within the project’s lifecycle. 

The Scrum Product Owner Certification will help candidates learn how to deliver standardized products that meet the capricious industry requirements and are high-end. Candidates learn to influence the team and acquire conflict management skills to provide responsive solutions.

As one of the most demanding positions in the Agile field, the Scrum Product Owner Certification can truly transform one’s career. To conclude, with the growing market requirements and high demand for Agile professionals, acquiring an Agile Certification will open doors for your career forefront. 

As Agile practices are no longer limited to IT sectors, candidates with Agile certifications are eligible to apply for respectable roles in multiple industries and achieve greater heights in their careers.


  1. For how long is the SAFeAgile certification valid?

    The SAFe Agile Certification is valid for one year. 

  2. What is the top agile certification in India?

    The Leading SAfe with SAFe Agilist Certification is one of the top agile certifications in India. 

  3. What roles does the Professional Scrum Master suit the most?

    The Professional Scrum Master Certification is suitable for the following roles:
    Product Manager
    General Product Manager
    Senior Product Manager
    Program Manager

  4. Are Agile Certifications beneficial?

    With the Agile framework becoming increasingly popular, companies highly prioritize professionals with Agile certifications. An Agile certification will significantly increase one’s career prospects, giving them a competitive edge.

  5. What is the best Agile certification for beginners?

    The Certified Scrum Master Certification is advisable for beginners stepping into the Agile field and wanting to excel.