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The Ultimate Guide to Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)

If you want to transform your business in 2022 (and beyond) you need to know about Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe).

In this comprehensive guide I will cover:

What is SAFe?

What is SAFe?

How can SAFe help make your business more efficient?

How to overcome business challenges with SAFe?

How to level up your career game with SAFe?

So if you want to enhance your skills and advance your business, you will love this guide.

Let’s get started.

In today’s competitive world,

Businesses constantly need to adapt to new technological changes that the same time launches innovative products. Align their products and services according to the customer and market’s needs and also prioritize quality work.

There’s a lot of work that needs to be done!

Every task can be completed seamlessly when the entire organization have business agility in their DNA.

Business Agility is the ability of the organization to respond to change with speed and relative ease. It enables making faster decisions, aligning the right people to do the right work, and allocation of funds with greater flexibility.

Here’s the best part. Even your business can build up Agility Effortlessly! How?

By Getting yourself SAFe Certified.

What is SAFe?

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is a system for implementing Agile, Lean processes across for the development of an organization.

Ohh! That’s Great.

But I can do it organically too.

No, let’s dig in further.

It is easy to adopt agile organically starting with a single team, many organizations do that. But many times, when they move further to scale agile across multiple teams, departments, or business units, they fail because they lack a Framework

When we work with a smaller team the need for alignment, planning, cadence, roles, and communication seems simple. Implementing the same process across hundreds and even thousands of people becomes challenging.

That’s when SAFe comes to your rescue
agile methodology

The above image is a representation of the whole process of implementing agile practices across the organization.

Trusted by more than 1,000,000 practitioners and 20,000 enterprises in every industry worldwide It makes use of some of the best practices from the industry to achieve desired goals

Named as #1 most considered and adopted framework by Gartner.

SAFe ensures your business is in safe hands.

Let’s read more about the benefits of SAFe.

How can SAFe help make your business more efficient?

Does your workspace look like this?

Struggling to chase deadlines, constant pressure of delivering quality work, and negligence towards client experience.

You are just one step away from making your workspace look like the image below.

Healthier working environment, improved engagement between employees, proper planning and coordination between the the the team to complete work before deadline.

What, why, who, when, and how?

Are common questions that may have come to your mind while reading.

SAFe will help you answer all these questions and create a roadmap for your organization. Achieve a better way of working by scaling agile.

Do you know how Intel can deliver innovative products with superior quality without burning its pocket?

Yes, you guessed it right.

It’s SAFe.

Intel has witnessed the benefits of using SAFe.

Now it’s your turn, to witness the SAFe benefits firsthand.

No, that’s not what we are saying. 

Hear it from real SAFe customers.

Cisco saw a 40% decrease in critical and major defects and improved employee satisfaction by eliminating the need of working after-work hours and reducing meetings/calls.

FedEx has been using SAFe for the past 7 years and as a result, they were quickly able to respond to the dramatic increase in package volume and application demands while the majority of the workforce was working from home.

All this was possible because of the Scaled Agile Framework being implemented at these organizations.

How to overcome business challenges with SAFe?

Whether it is NASA launching the big transition of Sentinel-6 to the cloud or Whether it’s a software transformation of a Renowned brand like Nokia. 

SAFe can do it all because it is a system integrated of proven practices and knowledge of hundreds of deployments.

Every organization has different products with diverse organizational structures and operational limitations.

Not every practice will apply to you.

On the path of continuous improvement, SAFe principles help you identify solutions to complex problems and apply them in your unique circumstances.

A prescriptive approach would not accommodate every situation.

Hence, the Scaled Agile Framework provides 10 SAFe principles to guide your implementation in any context

Click here to know more about SAFe Principles.

How to level up your career game with SAFe?

Do you want to grow in your role at your current company or seek new career opportunities outside your organization? 

77% of certified Scaled Agile Framework professionals pursue a SAFe certification for professional development.

63% rely on SAFe certifications to prove their knowledge.

But why is the SAFe certification so important?

Business agility within the organization relies on people with the expertise to lead successful transformations.

So if you want to successfully transform your business having a SAFe certification would be beneficial.

Play a key role in your business transformation by expanding your skills and experience by earning a SAFe certification.

There are various courses like Leading SAFe, Implementing SAFe, SAFe product owner/manager, SAFe Scrum Master, Lean Portfolio Management (LPM), SAFe for Teams, SAFe Release Train Engineer, Advanced Scrum Master, Dev Ops, SAFe for Architects, Agile Product Management, SAFe for government and Agile Software Engineering.

Here’s the deal.

You can choose the best course for you based on your job profile.

Click here to let us guide you choose the suitable course.

I hope you found this guide helpful.

Now I would like to hear from you.

What more would you like to know about SAFe?

Are you going to enroll in the SAFe Certification course?

Let me know by leaving a quick comment below