Coach & build Agile Teams
Agile Assessment
The first step in agile transformation is assessing on agile readiness and knowing the state of current agile process. We build an agile health index to assess agile readiness.

The Agile Assessment consists of focus areas including:

1. Agile Process (artifacts, ceremonies, roles, team / product dynamics)

2. Engineering Practices

3. Agile Culture

4. Product Ownership

5. Leadership Agility (team level) etc.

Agile Transformation Strategy

Based on the assessment results, we identify the areas of improvement & carve out transformation strategy. This consists of clear agile transformation goals with the success measures.

Strategy will be set based on the areas of improvement with timelines to achieve and the commitment from team / leadership.

Execution Of Transformation Goals

Our collective experience proves that the first step to agile transformation is effective agile training to teams and leadership.

Agile Coach assigned to the team will train the team. Post training, coach will embed with the team, provide day-to-day mentoring / guidance to team on agile implementation.

This will be based on the transformation goals set. The progress is tracked closely towards “Agile Maturity”, which helps to measure the success of the transformation.

Execution Of Transformation Goals

Agile Coach will stay with the team for initial few sprints. Transformation success will be measured by the Coach and the team after every sprint. Coach will exit the team when the team is self-organized and at a highest level of maturity.