Enterprise Agility Transformation
Agile Awareness To Leadership

We strongly believe, agile transformation can succeed ONLY with full support and guidance of leadership. Without this, the transformation fails. We coach / mentor the leadership team on agile transformation, the journey, practical challenges that leadership needs to deal with, setting goals & measures and case studies of successful and failure transformation. This helps leadership team to understand the agile journey and what is their role.

Choose Pilot Projects

We guide leadership to choose right projects and teams for initial agile transformation, based on factors like the nature and complexity of the projects, the skills, experience levels, team attitude and choose the projects for transformation. This is to help them succeed in their initial step. First set of success makes a big difference in people’s mindset and so for overall transformation journey.

Train & Coach Pilot Teams

We train and coach the identified teams, set clear agile journey goals and success measures, help and mentor them through out the journey to successful implementation, enable them to be self-organized before we exit them.

Build & Mentor Internal Coaches

Building and mentoring internal coaches is a key to sustaining agile transformation success. We follow step-by-step process to build internal coaches within the organization.

We identify few key candidates who can become a potential coach, in agile process as well as in technical space. We work with them closely and mentor them to be a good coach. This takes few months before they are ready for pair-coaching / pair-training.

We believe in ‘follow-the-coach’ model, where the internal coach follows the external coach and learn in every opportunity.

When they are ready for ‘one the job’ coaching, we allow them to coach and mentor them wherever required. This gives a strong support system for them to function well in their job and learn from their mistakes.

Choose final coach candidates and make them full time agile coaches in the organization.

Role-Based Training / Coaching
For initial transformation, agile basics training course is good enough. However, as the organization reaches the maturity, few roles need to be trained and coached well – for example, Scrum Masters and Product Owners. We provided a deep-dive training on their roles and mentor them to do their job best at work.
Scale Up The Transformation
Once the enterprise notices the success of initial pilot transformation, we go ahead with enterprise-wide agile transformation. Though it is possible to take this as a first step, from our experience, we have seen more success in transforming pilot teams first and then the enterprise. This creates a very positive culture throughout the organization and the rest of the agile journey becomes bit more easier and more successful.

Train & Coach Pilot Teams

We enable the enterprise with few self-sustained initiatives that help the organization learn from each other. Few examples are
Community of Practice (CoP)

We establish community of practice for few focused groups like Scrum Masters & Product Owners and foster learning from each other. We facilitate this for the first few events and enable them to self-sustain. This creates a ownership among the internal stakeholders to make the transformation successful.

Agile Events

We conduct few agile events like – agile monthly talk series, agile internal conference, agile demo booths so the learning is to the fullest for the entire organization. Such events help the enterprise create a very positive vibe about agile and help them learn and move forward together.

Agile Knowledge Base

We guide enterprise create their own agile knowledge base, online discussion forums etc.