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SAFe is now a 10-year-old framework, with a maturity to delivery value to customer, results to the organization. However, it is common that we get WOW results in every SAFe transformation? Probably not. There are only few that gets wonderful business results. We are going to share one such experience! Since there are only few such success stories, I felt it’s important for us to share our experience in SAFe transformation that resulted in a great business result. This case study will address one of the ARTs that had common business challenges in terms of predictability, quality, faster time to market etc. Here are some of the results that the SAFe value stream organization achieved in 3-4 PIs - Predictability improvement from 50-60% to 90+% - Predictability mindset shift from process elements to business elements - Release cycle reduction from 7-8 months to 1-2 weeks - Teams with silo-ed skills to a fully cross-functional DevOps organization - Visible cultural agility results in terms of absolute transparency, shared ownership, continuous learning etc All these were achieved in less than a year. How did this happen? We will share the “How” in this webinar… Looking forward to sharing our experience with you! This webinar will address the view of a SAFe coach, who enabled this organization and was part of this journey!

Thursday, June 30th

07:00 PM IST

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About The Hosts

A seasoned and passionate Agile, Scrum and SAFe® trainer and coach, Jayaprakash Prabhakar (or JP as he is known to all) comes with abundant experience of over 23 years in software development, testing, Engineering Leadership, Agile and SAFe coaching. He has helped a few of the Fortune 100 companies in their Agile / SAFe transformation. He has presented white papers in multiple Agile Conferences.