Key Features of Our SAFe POPM Certification Training

  • 2 Days classroom training
  • 100% assured results
  • Trained by experienced SPC4 SAFe Consultant
  • Online mock exam preparation
  • 16 PDUs for PMI and 16 SEUs
  • Trained Over 1000 Professionals Of Reputed Organization
  • Consistent batch quality and strength
  • SAFe® POPM exam fee included
  • Course material: printed workbook
  • One-year membership to the SAFe Community Platform

SAFe POPM Certification Training Course Overview

SAFe POPM Certification Training Course-On the basis of the Agile and Lean Principles, SAFe is one of the best frameworks to handle all the enterprise issue which includes architecture, integration, governance, funding, and roles. SAFe coordinates the alignments, delivery, and collaboration for a large number of Agile teams. As SAFe is both scalable and configurable, it permits all the organizations to adapt it to business requirements. It supports both the smaller-scale solutions employing 50-125 practitioners as well as a complex system where there is a need for thousands of people.
SAFe Product Owner acts as a customer for the teams and works with the Product Management and other stakeholders that include the other Product Owners. This describes and arranges stories in the Team Backlog this will help the system or the solution to effectively refer to the program urgencies at the time of integrity of the features or the components for which the team is responsible for creating. Thus, the role of the PO is significant and is the only team member permitted to accept the stories that are completed.
SAFe Product Manager acts as the integral voice of the customer in the Agile Release Train and performs with the Product Owner to develop and communicate with the customer vision to the development of teams. The role of the Product Manager is to provide the economically prioritize the backlogs for the AR. It defines the features of the system that makes sure that the solution meets the relevant standards and even other quality needs, and even participates in the authentication of the required features that is beneficial for hypotheses.

  • To achieve Agile success at the enterprise level, Agile leaders like the Product Owners and Project Managers must have a clear understanding of the roles and responsibilities as well as also ensures measurable improvements and maximum ROI.
  • By completing SAFe POPM certification you will be able to develop the skillsets which are necessary to deliver value within the Lean enterprise.
  • Moreover, this certification will help you in learning the activities, tools, and mechanics to manage the programs and backlogs.
  • In the two-day of the course, you will get the opportunity to get in-depth knowledge of the ART (Agile Release Train), how it will deliver values and how to perform your role effectively.
  • You will have the chance to enhance your knowledge in writing Epics, breaking them down into Features and Stories, planning and executing iterations, and planning Program Increments.
  • Lastly, the delegates will get the chance to know how to effectively integrate as a Product Owners and Product Managers and what you can do to improve the ART.


  • 2-day of classroom training will experience sharing session rather than theory class.
  • Our trainers will share the real-life examples that will help you in writing Agile Features, Epics, User stories in SAFe Framework.

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Why SAFe POPM Certification

  • You will get to know about the role of a Product Owner and Product Manager
  • How to link between the SAFe Lean-Agile principles and values of the PO/PM roles
  • Collaborating with Lean Portfolio Management
  • Procedure to gain value through Program Increment Planning
  • You will learn to explore the continuous planning and delivering continuous value
  • How to create a role action plans

Topics Covered

  • Applying SAFe in the Lean enterprise
  • Relating a Lean-Agile Mindset to the Product Owner and Product Manager roles
  • Collaborating with Lean Portfolio Management
  • Continuously explore customer needs
  • Executing the Program Increment
  • Defining the Product Owner/Product Manager roles and responsibilities
  • Creating a Product Owner/Product Manager action plan

Benefits of the SAFe POPM training

Within the 2-days of SAFe POPM Certification Training you’ll learn:

  • Certified SAFe® 4 Product Owner/Product Manager PDF certificate
  • Certified SAFe® 4 Product Owner/Product Manager digital badge to boost your achievement online
  • Permit to Meetup groups and events that link you with other Certified SAFe Professionals
  • Different learning resources to sustenance you during your SAFe journeyt
  • One-year membership to the SAFe Community Platform, which contains access to the POPM Community of Practice

Advantages of SAFe POPM

  • You will understand the customer requirements
  • Grow knowledge of writing Epics, Capabilities, Features, and Stories
  • You will learn to Prioritize the work to deliver value to the enterprise
  • Implementation of the Lean-agile mindset, SAFe Principles, and practices

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Unique Features
Unique Features

Unique & Key Features

  • Trainers in LeanWisdom has hands-on experience in implementing Agile and Scaled Agile. The training session is more of knowledge sharing and filled with practical examples. Thus, this helps the delegates to understand and perform their role properly while executing a project.
  • Participants will receive SAFe POPM certification after the successful competition and passing of the exam.
  • Delegates are helped out with the highly interactive mock exam papers to prepare for their final exams.
  • Candidates will be provided with access to the SAFe forum, where you will find more videos or resources shared.


What is the exam prerequisite skills or Knowledge?

The prerequisites or knowledge which is needed to successfully qualify the exam are:
  • Experience in Agile
  • Experience in Lean

What is the need for this certification?

  • Implementation of Agile at the team level is different from that of scaling it at the enterprise level. SAFe POPM certification ensures an organization that the Product Owner and Agile team members are completely aware of the role and responsibilities to make sure the proper implementation of SAFe and earn maximum ROI. This certification will help you to develop skills of writing Features, Epics, and User stories as well as understanding the role at the enterprise level.

How you will get your SAFe POPM certification? ?

Participants are highly requested to attend the two-day POPM workshop to get SAFe POPM certification. Then they have to qualify the online exam at the end of the course.

How to renew?

  • You need to renew your membership after one year from the day of achieving the certification with a renewal fee of $100.

Is the training conducted online or virtual?

  • No, there is no such online or virtual training conducted for this certification. As the training session includes experimental formats with lots of plenty of exercises and activities in this session which can be well conducted through classroom training.

How many PFUs and SEUs you will earn?

With the completion of this certificate, you will earn 16PDUs and 15SEUs.

What is the passing score for this exam?

You have to score 35 out of 45 which is 77% to qualify for the exam.

What is the format of the exam?

It is an online exam and you will be provided with multiple-choice questions.

What is the retake policy for this certification?

If you don’t qualify at the first attempt, then you can go for the second attempt immediately. For the third attempt, you have to wait for 10-day and for the fourth attempt you have to wait for 30day.

Who can opt for this certification?

  • Portfolio Managers, Program Managers, Solution Managers, Process Leads, and PMO personnel
  • Business Owners, Product Line Managers, Product Owners, Product Managers, and Business Analysts
  • System Architects, Enterprise, and Solution
  • We trained professionals from

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