Sree Krishna


I have worked with JP for over 8 years. JP is a committed practitioner of the Agile and Safe model. His experience in helping transforming teams and organization to this model will be valuable for any company wanting to move to this model or to help support this model. He has experience in coaching team in adopting these models and excels in identifying the blockers to this model and helping guide the team to success.

JP also excels as a trainer. He has an infectious excitement in his training for these engineering practices and can easily drive and motivate a team towards taking up these practices. His experience in quality practices combined with these practices give him a very critical set of expertise to help a team in adopting and excelling to these engineering practices.

Senior Director, Consumer Engineering

David Bohrk


JP was critical in the training and coaching of the McAfee Consumer Engineering team. He conducted all Scrum and SAFe for over 10 full teams in India and China, and was on the Agile Leadership team responsible for the agile transition of more than 350 Engineers. JP was also sought out by team outside of Consumer Engineering for coaching and training.
JP is a constant learner – even while he’s driving – and his passion for Agile and Quality, and his energy motivated the team to take on the large challenges during the Agile transition.
The process and results from the Consumer Agile transition were held up as a positive example within McAfee and Intel.

Director of QA
Ionic, USA



JP is very passionate about agile and quality. His passion shows in all his endeavors. He puts his heart and soul into everything he does and the exemplary results are the evidence of that.
In short, a fantastic evangelist for Agile and Quality.

Director Quality

Sanjay Kumar Jain


JP has excellent knowledge on Lean Agile Leadership. His teaching style is goes in flow for 2 days continuously. Enjoyed each and every moment. He has given very good example to connect Product and software development industry current challenges and explained how to solve them by using solution provided by SAFe 4.5. Reading material is very good. I could not stop to read material provided by him at home and watched all video 2 to 3 times. No Doubt that he will go very far on this and wish everyone get chance to learn from him.
Completed my SAFe 4 SA Certification. Thanks for all your support.

Program Manager

Vikas Nagar


Thanks JP for the guidance and excellent immersive training. It was really very helpful.

Project Manager

Marimuthu Sadasivam


I attended a SAFe Agilist session conducted by JP. I truly enjoyed every minute. It was very
enriching. I clarified a lot of basic concepts of Agile and SAFe in the session and realized the
gaps that we have in our organization. Thanks to JP for such a wonderful session.

Associate Vice-President
Scope International

Venkatesh Gopal


The 2-day session was so amazing! It was full of discussions, activities, etc with a lot of knowledge
sharing. JP is excellent and has great knowledge about Agile and SAFe. He shared his true
experience. He is very approachable and is able to explain even the tougher
concepts very easily with simple examples.

Senior Program Manager
Sony India