SAFe Agilist Certification Training

Agile has brought a revolutionary change in the work culture. However, in the software industry now there is a huge demand for a professional with agile knowledge and experiences. Thus, Agile is nothing but a mindset which is defined in the values and principles. This is conveyed in the Agile Manifesto. However, understanding about Agile is different for a different person. This is visible in the way it is implemented in the organization.


If you go through the last few years Agile projects you will find that it is almost 28% more successful than that of the traditional one. 90% of the software companies adopted Agile to improve their product quality, predictability and shorter time to market. Agile and Scrum provides a flexible development strategy, proven to be advantageous to teams, beneficial for the organization, and produce a good quality product.

Though Agile does wonders for the teams, it is not enough for large programs to implement only Agile. In such large implementations, it is critical to learn how to Scale Agile. This can be very well done through SAFe framework. This implements Agile at the team level and brings more discipline in managing the program effectively. SAFe is based on Lean and Agile concepts. Without having a deeper understanding of Lean & Agile, it is hard to implement SAFe effectively.

Courses Offered by Leanwisdom:

Leading SAFe with SAFe Agilist (SA):

One of the most popular frameworks adopted by large-scale software companies nowadays is SAFe. By attending SAFe certification workshop, you will be able to bring change at work and can produce a product of high quality with high predictability in the shortest lead time. This will give a kick start to your career and enhance your skills. Through this certification workshop, you implementing Agile at the program level and how to manage large solutions. will learn to build Lean-Agile Portfolio, lean-agile transformation at the enterprise scale. Thus, it also benefits you building a continuous delivery pipeline and DevOps culture. After completing the course here you will get a one-year membership to the SAFe Community Platform, which is renewable every year.

SAFe DevOps Practitioner

SAFe DevOps Practitioner Certification will develop the concept of continuous security, the flow value through the delivery pipeline, and measure flow of the value through the delivery pipeline and even you can identify the gaps and delay in the flow. It will enhance your skill by making you understand the importance of continuous integration, continuous testing, and application of it. However, through this training, you will get a clear picture of the CALMR approach to DevOps and how you will know how important it is for the growth of your organization.

Certification Scrum Master (CSM)

CSM training is important to understand the agile methodologies and the application of it. However, you can understand the core underlying core lean and how to apply this principle in the software industry. Here, you can also learn about the iterative and incremental approach. Therefore, by doing this certification you can play the role of a Scrum Master or a Scrum Team member. Thus, there will be an improvement in the communication level and helps to achieve the goals.

SAFe Scrum Master (SSM)

SSM training will help to understand your role and responsibility as a Scrum Master. Well, you will be taught the characteristics of an effective Scrum Master. You will get the chance to experience PI planning and explore how to facilitate this event and complete iteration. However, you can explore the improvement at the Program level with inspecting and adapt workshops

LeanWisdom a ladder to success

Leanwisdom is the one-stop solution to the people who want to learn about Agile and Scaled Agile. Here courses are provided for the Project Management, Agile Scrum and Scaled Agile. Within a short time of two workshops, they will help you with cross-skilling, upskilling, Agile, scrum and project management domain. However, unlike other institutes here you will get the chance to get trained by the experienced trainers who have been in this industry for more than 20 years. Each trainer at LeanWisdom is a carefully chosen trainer with a lot of hands-on experience in implementing Agile and Scaled Agile. The workshops are more of knowledge sharing sessions than training sessions. This helps the participants to learn the concepts thoroughly and understand how to implement effectively.

Here, they assure with 100% result and give full support for exam preparation. They have trained and certified over 1500 professionals and they help the learners with the printed workbook. Further, they will provide you with the detailed downloadable courseware which is approved by the respective certification bodies like Scaled Agile Academy.


Leanwisdom believes in spreading the Agile skills in the industry to improve the quality of the work. However, their main motive is to enhance the skills and make the work procedure easy. If you want to know about the courses and work, you can visit the website or contact on the given number.

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