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A Comprehensive Guide to SAFe Product Owner Certification

There has been a lot of progress around the globe on Lean-Agile principles that lead to better forms of project execution in terms of process improvement during process delivery. It is in this context that Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) certification has assumed importance and that explains the primary reason why a lot of professionals are keen to get certified on SAFe Product Owner Certification as it provides them a clear edge in this field.

However, there are certain protocols to be necessarily followed and processes adopted to get SAFe certified. Safe product owner certification helps an individual analyze concepts and solve issues related to enterprise-wide architecture and related integration, roles, and governance thereof.

One would need to undertake a comprehensive training program before Safe product owner certification is conferred on the person undertaking the course. The program is designed to ensure maximum return on investment and an added feather to the cap of academic qualification of the SAFe practitioner.

One of the key aspects of the curriculum that one must keep in mind is that the course should cover key aspects of thinking tools of lean as well as the enterprise-wide application of Agile methodology. These form the very basis of Safe product and its certification. In addition to this, the certification provides in-depth knowledge of Agile Release Train (ART) and its implications as well as the impact on the Scaled Agile Framework.

To start off you can avail the foundational course of SAFe product management and then take on advanced course/s to hone your skills and establish your mark as an accomplished SAFe product manager. One of the key aspects of this training is that it must provide hand on or practical training on Lean-Agile methodologies in general and SAFe product management in particular, while also preparing you for an online examination that marks the culmination of the course.

Another aspect is that of cost wherein you must choose a well-reputed course that has wide acceptance in academia as well as in the corporate world to not only fit your budget but also deliver absolute value for money in terms of return on investment made.