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We are proud to say that

SAFe Agile Certification Training
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We are proud to say that

Why Leanwisdom ?

LeanWisdom is the best curated Consulting and Training provider for Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), Agile, and Scrum. It has been established with a desire to guide professionals in their Agile Journey. It is a leading programs provider designed to improve the skills of professionals and help organizations to achieve their business goals.

Our offerings include – Training, Coaching, Consulting and Enterprise Agile Transformation.

In a short span we have trained several professionals and supported them with cross-skilling and upskilling across the Agile, Scrum and other Project Management domains. All this has been achieved with the guidance of highly experienced trainers / coaches having 20+ years of experience in their respective domains.

About Us
Top Quality SAFe Training
Top Quality

LeanWisdom is the most qualified global organisation to approach for your Agile training, implementation and consultancy needs. Apart from top-quality and in-depth coaching, our Agile coaches also come with years of real-time experience and are best qualified to help you with all your needs.

100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied for SAFe Training
100% Money Back

LeanWisdom gives you a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our service. We can confidently give you this assurance because we know, from experience, that on completion of your coaching and/or consultancy needs, you will be pleased and get back full value for your money!

24-7-support-Agile implementation
24/7 Support

Stuck with an Agile implementation issue that you cannot solve? Need some help and don’t know whom to consult? Worry no more…Once you sign up with us …we are always there to support you 24/7.

prepare SAFe Agilist Course

Do you need to switch from the traditional model of working to an Agile approach? LeanWisdom will help you prepare and plan your processes to achieve better productivity and meet your release goals.

Our Safe training Workshop

Our training approach is via hands-on workshops that give you a feel of real-life experiences. Emphasis is placed on practical training rather than rote learning. Attend any of our workshops to experience our original and creative techniques of training and certification.

SAFe Agilist Community

When you undergo our coaching programs, you not only get membership to the Scrum Alliance network but also full access to its vast repository of available resources. These will come in handy and be of immense assistance to you in your implementation and ongoing work.

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