PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner Certification

PRINCE2®, (Projects In a Controlled Environment), firmly established as the world’s most practiced method for Project Management: reliable, flexible, and scalable. It is a structured Project management method covering the organization, management, and control of Projects. It is best suited for aspiring Project Management professionals who are looking to understand the essentials of managing successful projects, regardless of scale & type. It provides insights into Project Management frameworks through a deep understanding of four integrated principles, elements, themes & processes of PRINCE2® that forms the curriculum of this well-structured program.

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Key Features of PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner Certification

4 Days of Online Training
Exam Fee Included in Course Fee
100% success rate
32 PDUs for PMI
Receive 2 Axelos sample papers and an exam preparation guide

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PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner Certification Course Overview

PRINCE2® (Projects in Controlled Environments) Foundation and Practitioner 6th Edition is a specially designed course to develop an efficient and practice-driven environment in Project Management.

This training course will make you complete various small or big projects with optimized time successfully. As we know that PRINCE2® is a widely used project management method. Based on the best practices, this method can be applied to any project irrespective of its size, industry sector, geographic location, and culture. This course defines a brief understanding of PRINCE2.

This course covers its four main components:

  • The principles
  • Themes
  • Processes
  • Project environment

Our training approach of the PRINCE2® (Projects in Controlled Environments) Foundation and Practitioner 6th Edition is to go beyond the methodology of Prince2 to shape your candidature better and be an effective project manager. And, also make sure that you deliver projects flawlessly within the timeline.

Why undergo PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner Certification

Act as an informed member of a project management team using the PRINCE2 method

Understand key concepts relating to projects and PRINCE2

Understand how the PRINCE2 principles underpin the method

Understand the PRINCE2 themes and how they are applied throughout the project

Understand the PRINCE2 processes and how they are carried out throughout the project

With suitable direction, be able to start applying the method to a real project

Apply the PRINCE2 principles in context

Apply and tailor relevant aspects of PRINCE2 themes in context

Apply (and tailor) relevant aspects of PRINCE2 processes in context

Topic's Covered

Overview of PRINCE2
PRINCE2 life cycle
Business case theme
Organization theme
Quality theme
Plans theme
Risk theme
Change theme
Progress theme
PRINCE2 processes
Foundation exam prep
Foundation exam
Tailoring and embedding PRINCE2
Practitioner exam practice
Practitioner exam techniques
Practitioner exam

Why Choose Us ?

Trainers with 20+ years of experience

Free online access to all webinars

Extensive and highly interactive mock exam to prepare you for the final exam.

100% success rate

PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner Certification Advantages

The benefits offered by Prince2 certification have two aspects. One is from an individual perspective and another from the organization's point of view.

It is not a naïve method but already more than one million people are certified and so you get global recognition.

Prince2 designed by AXELOS Ltd has kept the project management standards across the globe and thus you get an international flair after completing the certification.

The role of a PM with professionalism is the most looked for in the market and here you will stand the best among others.

When there is more scope for jobs at the same time a better salary package as well. You can earn more bucks post-training and certification.

The methodology is not industry-specific and hence you have a wider scope to find jobs across industries.

The organization also benefits by this certification as they hire Prince2 certified professionals who work in a controlled and consistent approach thereby not just achieve results but does it cost-effectively.

The regular reviews of the progress help the company to identify the risk before they cause harm to the system.

This organized framework allows PM to implement projects in a planned way and hence allows the organization to work in a streamlined manner.

Prince2 certification is a feather in your cap. You will know how to connect every project to the right framework for effective delivery after completing the Prince2 Training.

Who can attend ?

Project Coordinators, Project Analysts, Project Leaders, Team Leaders

Product Managers, Program Managers, Project Sponsors

Senior Responsible Owners, Product Delivery Managers

Business Change Analysts Project and Programme Office Personnel

Operational Line Manager Anyone who wishes to build up knowledge in project management





Unique & Key Features

Trainers in LeanWisdom have hands-on experience. The training session is more of knowledge sharing and filled with practical examples. Thus, this helps you to understand and perform your role properly while executing a project.

You will receive PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner Certification after the successful completion of the course and passing of the exam. The interactive mock exam papers will help you to prepare for the final exam.

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The Foundation part of the course covers the following topics

The Practitioner part of the course covers the following topics

Overview of PRINCE2, PRINCE2 life cycle, PRINCE2 processes

Tailoring and embedding PRINCE2

Risk theme, Change theme

Practitioner exam practice

Business case theme, Progress theme

Practitioner exam techniques

Organization theme, Quality theme

Practitioner exam

Foundation exam preparation, Foundation exam

Tailoring and embedding PRINCE2

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PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner Certification FAQ's

With over a million exams already taken globally, PRINCE2® is recognized as the world’s most popular Project Management methodology.


The PRINCE2® Project Management methodology is the de-facto standard for Project Management and is practiced worldwide. It covers the management, control, and organization of a project. A qualification in PRINCE2® will not only boost your skills and confidence when managing projects but will greatly improve your employment prospects. The majority of people that consider PRINCE2® as a qualification do so for career and personal development reasons. Often this is driven by a change of job or career, where you notice that to get to the top of the CV pile, you need to have an extra qualification like PRINCE2® (even if you have been managing Projects successfully for many years without it). In many advertised positions PRINCE2® has become a pre-requisite.


The majority of companies that implement PRINCE2® also encourage their employees to receive training and take exams. This often proves instrumental in facilitating the successful adoption and implementation of the PRINCE2® method into an organization. By training employees to the required qualification level you ensure a consistent approach, common language, and a clear understanding of the defined processes, controls, roles, and responsibilities required to help facilitate successful projects.

All the instructors at LeanWisdom are practitioners from the industry with minimum 15-20 yrs of relevant experience. They are subject matter experts and are trained by LeanWisdom for providing an effective learning experience to the participants.

Yes, the exam fee is included in the course fee.

The exam vouchers are valid for one year from the date of issuance of the voucher. If the learner does not book the exam within one year from the purchase of the voucher, the learner will need to buy the voucher again as per the actual price.

The course price includes 32 hours of live virtual session delivery on PRINCE2® Foundation and Practioner Certification exam, as per the schedules mentioned on the website and also includes your PRINCE2® Foundation and Practioner Certification exam voucher cost.


Yes! Unlike the first version of PRINCE, PRINCE2® is designed to be generic and can be used for projects of any nature.