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Top 10 Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) Tools for Success

scaled agile framework SAFe tools
In this blog post, we explore the top Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) tools that empower businesses to align, collaborate, and achieve unprecedented levels of productivity and efficiency.

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, organizations face the challenge of staying agile and adaptive to meet market demands.

For large enterprises aiming to navigate this complexity and foster innovation, adopting the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) has become the cornerstone of success.

However, the effectiveness of SAFe® implementation often relies on the right set of tools. In this post, let’s explore the best SAFe tools.

Top Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) tools

1. ServiceNow: Mastering Digital Workflows for Enterprise Operations

ServiceNow stands as a stalwart in the SAFe® tool landscape, offering a robust platform for managing digital workflows.

Its SAFe®-compliant features include scrum program boards, unified backlogs, and agile/scrum planning boards.

By providing deep insights into dependencies and sprint capacity, ServiceNow enables seamless coordination and efficient project management.

2. Rally Software: Elevating Collaboration and Data-Driven Decision-Making

Rally Software, an enterprise-level platform, excels in connecting teams and maximizing collaboration.

Its intuitive interface allows teams to collaboratively plan, prioritize, and track work.

Rally Software’s strength lies in its ability to visualize progress, dependencies, and alignment, empowering teams to make informed, data-driven decisions in real time.

3. SpiraPlan: Agile Portfolio and Risk Management Redefined

SpiraPlan by Inflectra offers robust support for various agile methodologies, including SAFe®. Its rich library of artifacts and hierarchies maps seamlessly to both product and team levels.

SpiraPlan’s visualization and mind mapping features provide a clear understanding of how to release trains link to product releases and team iterations, making it an invaluable asset in managing agile release trains.

4. Targetprocess: Bridging Portfolios, Products, and Teams

Targetprocess is a visual platform that simplifies the adoption of agile methodologies across enterprises.

It provides pre-built templates for SAFe®, LeSS, Nexus, and other frameworks, ensuring flexibility and customization.

With its modern user interface and deep visibility into portfolios and strategic goals, Targetprocess enables seamless scaling of agile practices.

5. Planview: Optimizing Agile Workflows for Enhanced Productivity

Planview’s Agile software offers a comprehensive solution for planning, coordinating, and collaborating across teams.

By integrating LeanKit Enterprise Kanban software, Planview enables organizations to optimize processes and enhance value delivery.

Its Lean Portfolio Management solution empowers businesses to adapt planning and funding strategies, ensuring alignment with market dynamics.

6. Bridging Strategy to Execution Effortlessly’s VersionOne/CollabNet simplifies the implementation of SAFe®.

It aligns strategy to execution seamlessly, allowing visualization of group epics by strategic theme.

Its flexible planning hierarchy supports a range of configurations, from Essential to Full SAFe®, ensuring adaptability to organizational needs.

7. Atlassian Suite: Empowering Collaborative Agility

Atlassian’s suite of tools, including Confluence, JIRA Software, Easy Agile for JIRA, JIRA Align, BigPicture, and Roadmaps, provides a cohesive platform for scaling agile delivery.

Confluence facilitates collaboration on various aspects, while JIRA Software offers scalability with configurable workflows and fields.

Easy Agile Programs for Jira enhance cross-team planning, and JIRA Align brings large teams together, enabling roll-ups of stories to top-level missions and goals.

8. Planview Viz: Accelerating Software Delivery through Value Stream Management

Planview’s value stream management platform stands as a catalyst for accelerating software delivery.

Its bi-directional data integration capabilities synchronize data seamlessly, unifying software development and delivery teams.

Planview Viz’s dashboards offer valuable insights, allowing teams to identify areas of improvement and experiment with different models for enhanced productivity.

9. SwiftEASe: Visual Planning and Execution for Lean/Agile Development

SwiftEASe is a highly configurable tool tailored for Lean/Agile software development using SAFe® principles.

It supports all four levels of SAFe®, emphasizing visual management, lean execution, and ease of use.

SwiftEASe links strategic themes to business and architectural epics, providing a comprehensive view of high-level goals alongside ground-level implementation.

10. AdaptiveWork: Real-Time Workstream Collaboration and Management

A cloud-based collaborative work management solution offers the adaptability that enterprises require.

It empowers teams to transform ideas into actionable strategies, plans, and actions promptly.

With real-time visibility into workstreams, AdaptiveWork ensures everyone stays engaged, focused, and aligned, delivering results faster and exceeding company goals and customer expectations.


In conclusion, each of these tools brings a unique set of features and capabilities to the table, enabling organizations to scale agile practices effectively.

By investing in the right tools, businesses can embark on a transformative journey towards increased productivity, collaboration, and ultimately, unparalleled success in the competitive marketplace.

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