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Is “Leading SAFe With SAFe Agilist” The Right Certification For You?

SAFe has 13 different certifications. “Leading SAFe with SAFe Agilist” is one of the certifications. Go through this article to check if “Leading SAFe” is the right course for you to attend and learn?

“Leading SAFe with SAFe Agilist”, a 2-day certification training provides an introduction to the SAFe foundation, and helps you understand SAFe Principles & practices to drive your organizational transformation in a Lean-Agile way with high confidence.

Who are the Target Audience?

Leading SAFe with SAFe Agilist will be the right certification if the answer is yes for one of the following questions.

  1. Are you the Leader of the organization (Executive, Director, VP, Head of Quality), who want to understand SAFe and lead the implementation in your organization?
  2. Are you the Program level Leader (Program Manager, Senior Program Manager, Product Manager), who want to drive SAFe transformation in your program?
  3. Are you the Technical Leader (Engineering Manager, Development Manager, Quality Manager, System Architect), who want to understand SAFe and your role in SAFe transformation?
  4. Are you the Team level Leader (Technical Lead, Project Lead), who want to scale up and take bigger roles in larger SAFe program?
  5. Are you the Leader, who currently work in a traditional project management way and want to shift your career to Lean-Agile way?

If the answer is YES, then you can attend “Leading SAFe with SAFe Agilist”

Why is “Leading SAFe with SAFe Agilist” an important course?

If your organization has decided to adopt SAFe, then “Leading SAFe with SAFe Agilist” will be a good course, to begin with. Before starting the SAFe transformation, Leaders, Executives should thoroughly understand SAFe values, principles, and practices very well and they should exhibit a Lean-Agile mindset to the rest of the organization. By attending “Leading SAFe”, the Leaders will be equipped with Lean-Agile thinking to drive the organization in their SAFe journey.

What do you learn from “Leading SAFe with SAFe Agilist” workshop?

You will be able to address the following questions by attending Leading SAFe workshop.

  • What is business agility and how does SAFe support it?
  • How does organization get started with SAFe?
  • How can we boost productivity, improve built-in quality, reduce time to market and increase engagement in employees?
  • How to establish team and technical agility and organize around value flow?
  • How to align program or organization around common objectives?
  • How do you participate successfully in critical SAFe events like PI planning, System Demo, Inspect & Adapt etc.?
  • How to adopt a customer-centric mindset?
  • How to improve the flow of work and work from strategy to delivery?

What are the eligibility criteria for attending “Leading SAFe with SAFe Agilist”?

Here are the prerequisites for those who intend to take Leading SAFe certification.

  • Experience in Scrum
  • 5+ years in software industry – development, testing, product or project management, business analysis

Can you claim PDUs and SEUs after attending “Leading SAFe with SAFe Agilist” certification?

Yes, of course. Beyond enriching the learning experience, you will also get PDUs & SEU to claim for any of your PMI certifications.

Professional Development Units (PDUs) & Scrum Education Units (SEUs)

PMI CertificationTechnicalLeadershipStrategicTotal

How to get safe agile certification?

To achieve “Leading SAFe with SAFe Agilist” certification, you will need to do the following.

  1. Attend 2-day “Leading SAFe with SAFe Agilist” training conducted by expert SAFe consultants.
  2. Understand the framework well from the training session.
  3. Prepare well for the exam.
  4. Take the Practice test given in the SAFe community and get confidence on the exam.
  5. Take the final exam and score a minimum of 77% (35 out of 45 questions).

Note: This is a web-based closed-book exam with no outside assistance.


SAFe has become the proven framework for Scaling Agility. SAFe has become immensely popular in the last few years and many more organizations are following SAFe for addressing their Scaling Agility issues. Being a “Certified SAFe Agilist” give you credibility in the industry and great opportunities in the Lean-Agile world.

Last Updated on August 2, 2022 by Krishna