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SAFe Agilist Certification Cost in 2024[Updated]

safe Agile certification cost

We explained the SAFe Agile certification cost, exam fee & renewal cost by by different countries in this information article. This will give you a better idea to take a decision before pursuing for any SAFe certification.

SAFe has emerged as one of the biggest names when organizations are looking to scale agile across their large and complex organization.

Clearly, because of its plethora of benefits, this framework is taking over scrum for companies who are looking to adopt the Agile Framework in their projects.

SAFe Agilist Certification Cost by Country

CountryCurrencyCostExam Retake FeeRenewal Cost/year
IndiaINR₹40000 – ₹50000₹4200₹16500
United StatesUSD$1000 – $1650$50$195
CanadaCADCAD 1400 – CAD 2300CAD 70CAD 270
UKPound Sterling£800 – £1400£40£160
AustraliaAUDAUD 1400 –  AUD 2200AUD 80AUD 310

Note: Tax is applicable according to the respective countries. The first attempt for the exam is included in the certification cost. Incase you didn’t take the exam within 30 days of course completion or you failed your first attempt, the cost mentioned above is applicable to retake the exam. The price can fluctuate based on currency exchange rates.

Let’s Explore more about the Certification

This certification with its perks mentioned above is worth your while. With great courses and options available, you can get this course at good prices, which will assist you to understand and cover all the concepts that you need to pass the certification.

With well-respected teachers, you will be part of the learning community. Please refer to the below table for more details about Live online classes for SAFe certifications

 If you are also looking to become part of this wave and want to get the finest prospects available, then there is a way that will help you land your dream job.

A certified SAFe practitioner will always get more preference when it comes to landing a good job and the numerous benefits that come with this qualification.

What is SAFe?

Expanded as a Scaled Agile Framework, SAFe is one of the frameworks that is built on the knowledge base that includes proven, integrated principles, various practices along competencies that help in getting that business agility.

This can be made possible in a large and complex organization with the help of Lean, Agile, and DevOps.

Using this framework, there will be an alignment that is followed by collaboration and continuous delivery in the teams working toward a goal.

What are SAFe certifications and their benefits?

The certification will assess the skills, knowledge, and mindset of the people who are going to work in an agile environment.

With your SAFe certification, you can show that you have the ability to support the company initiatives and also help in the transformation of a lean and agile enterprise.

With the best training program and knowledge about SAFe Agilist Certification cost, you can make sure that you have put in the right amount of input for your career.

There will be so many benefits that you will get when you are pursuing this certification and we have made a list for you below:

Global Recognition

The SAFe certification will hold value globally. This implies that if you are SAFe certified, then you can open doors for diverse possibilities worldwide for yourself.

Now that you hold great credentials to work as a SAFe Agilist, you will have the option to look for jobs anywhere in the world with those credentials.

Walk with ever-changing organizational needs

The corporations aim to work in a direction similar to their clients.

So, with the Leading SAFe certification, you will be able to leverage the Lean Start-Up Cycle along with Lean User Experience will help you to work with notions, and innovations and implement creativity in projects as per the client’s need.

You can learn to utilize them more effectively in SAFe agile training.

Continuous Delivery

When you master the leading SAFe certification, you will be capable of learning how to implement and integrate DevOps so that there is no hindrance in the delivery pipeline.

One of the major goals in any project is to ensure continuous delivery and with this certification, you can achieve this with regular releases.

The SAFe Agilist training will give you practical knowledge to use in the project to achieve better outcomes.

Great ROI

If you are concerned about the SAFe Agile certification cost, you should not be too worried.

You are going to have a great return on investment as the career opportunities that are going to come to you are huge.

You will at least have a 25% hike in your salary. With a trainer by your side, you can get the best knowledge possible and get great benefits from this training.

Deliver successful projects

One common issue faced by large enterprises is that when two big agile teams come together, they are not able to adapt very well.

So, to make sure that there are lesser impediments, and failures in the implementation, the SAFe-certified professionals will make sure that they find an approach to deal with this.

The SAFe Agile certification training program will help you understand and hone skills for an Agile Release plan that helps to train, execute, and bring teams together to deliver shared goals.

Final Word

If you are worried about the SAFe Agilist certification cost, we will give you the best price which you can’t refuse.

With LeanWisdom, the professionals are going to help you understand the topics in a practical way.

The whole session will be very informative for you and will help you transform your career. So, what are you waiting for, seize your chance at a bright career right now.