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Why Get SAFe Agilist certified?

why get certified as safe agilist
The SAFe Agilist certification provides comprehensive training in the Scaled Agile Framework—the leading methodology for implementing Lean-Agile practices across the enterprise.

The certification course delivers in-depth knowledge of Lean-Agile principles, the Agile Manifesto, and essential SAFe practices across all levels—team, program, large solution, and portfolio.

You will gain expertise to coach teams, managers, and executives in blending agile and Lean ways of working.

This drives improved engagement, faster delivery, and better business outcomes.

With the SAFe Agilist certification, you will have the complete toolkit to successfully facilitate and lead scaled Lean-Agile implementations in your organization.

It provides the knowledge, mindset, and credentials to accelerate enterprise-wide agile transformation.

Let’s explore why to get SAFe Agilist certified for your career and organization.

Why Get SAFe Agilist Certified?


Master the Largest Scaled Agile Framework

SAFe has quickly become the most widely adopted framework for applying Lean-Agile practices across the enterprise. The SAFe Agilist certification thoroughly prepares you to facilitate Lean-Agile practices in organizations of all sizes.

The certification course provides in-depth knowledge of all the core competencies of SAFe. This includes:

Applying the SAFe Principles – You will learn the 10 foundational principles that guide scale agile programs, teams, and enterprises. These include taking an economic view, applying systems thinking, and focusing on customer value.

Understanding the Team Level – The certification covers the roles, events, and practices that allow agile teams to deliver value frequently and reliably. This includes guidance on building high-performing teams, planning iteratively, and continuously improving flow.

Navigating the Program Level – You will understand how to coordinate multiple agile teams to build large, complex solutions in a Lean flow-based manner. This covers planning in the Program Increment and organizing value streams around systems of solutions.

Implementing the Large Solution Level – The course teaches you how to apply SAFe to scale development, testing, and release of the largest solutions in the enterprise. You learn how the Agile Release Train aligns teams to a shared mission and timeline.

Applying DevOps and the Continuous Delivery Pipeline – You will learn how to integrate continuous delivery pipelines and DevOps culture across large value streams. This accelerates the flow from development to release.

With expertise across all levels of SAFe, you will be fully prepared to successfully facilitate scaled agile initiatives. The certification allows you to master the most proven framework for Lean-Agile at scale.

Stand Out to Employers

The SAFe Agilist certification provides a powerful credential that demonstrates your knowledge and skills in scaling agile. This can give you a significant competitive advantage in the job market and help you stand out to employers.

Firstly, the certification shows you have invested the time and effort to truly understand scaled agile practices. The coursework covers all aspects of Leading SAFe in enterprise environments. This enables you to guide teams, programs, and executives in applying Lean-Agile principles correctly.

In addition, less than 150,000 professionals globally have achieved the certification. With demand for SAFe skills continuing to rapidly grow, becoming a certified SAFe Agilist puts you in a small minority of qualified candidates. Employers can be confident you have proven expertise compared to other applicants.

Moreover, the certification never expires, which demonstrates you are dedicated to keeping your SAFe knowledge current. Renewing your membership each year also provides access to the latest content and developments in the framework.

These factors signal to employers that you have the necessary skill set to successfully facilitate SAFe rollouts. Tech leaders hiring for agile coaches, Scrum Masters, program managers, and other key roles will recognize the value of your certification.

In today’s highly competitive market, getting SAFe Agilist certified builds your credibility and demonstrates your leadership in scaled agile. It gives you a powerful advantage that can turbocharge your agile career.

Enhance Collaboration Across the Organization

A key benefit of SAFe Agilist certification is gaining the knowledge to enhance coordination and collaboration in complex enterprise environments. SAFe integrates Lean-Agile practices across multiple teams, programs, and departments.

The certification course teaches you the specific mechanisms SAFe provides to enable this collaboration, including:

Agile Release Train – This aligns teams to common missions, schedules, and resources. It breaks down organizational silos and provides visibility across value streams.

Program Increment Planning – During this event, all teams plan together to build integrated solutions and meet ART goals. This fosters transparency and shared commitment.

Inspect & Adapt Workshop – Teams reflect together on what is working well and areas for improvement. This builds collective ownership for achieving outcomes.

Communities of Practice – These enable networking and knowledge sharing between teams across ARTs and value streams. This drives continuous improvement.

Value Stream Coordination – You learn mechanisms like Pre- and Post-PI Planning to synchronize multiple ARTs and suppliers in the value stream.

With knowledge of these collaboration tools, you can expertly coordinate large groups to deliver value predictably. You will understand the cultural elements and leadership behaviors that maximize transparency, alignment, and flow across the organization.

The certification also covers Lean-Agile principles like focusing on value from the customer perspective. With this mindset, you can help teams look beyond their specific roles and focus on end-to-end value delivery.

Coach Others in a Scaled Mindset

One of the most impactful benefits of SAFe Agilist certification is developing the mindset to coach others in scaled agile thinking. Leading SAFe requires moving from a narrow, local optimization mindset to a systems view focused on end-to-end value delivery.

The certification course helps you internalize this Lean-Agile mindset so you can guide teams, leaders, and executives toward better outcomes. Key aspects of this mindset include:

Focus on Customer Value – You learn techniques for maintaining a relentless focus on delivering value from the customer perspective across multiple teams and programs. This builds empathy and shared purpose.

Flow-Based Thinking – You develop a mentality of maximizing the flow of work and minimizing variances. This allows you to help teams identify and address bottlenecks in value streams.

Enterprise Systems View – The training provides tools for understanding interconnections between different groups and visualizing the overall value stream. This system thinking helps mitigate local optimizations.

Continuous Improvement – You learn how to build in fast feedback cycles and drive regular inspection and adaptation. This instills persistent learning and innovation at scale.

Purposeful SAFe Lean-Agile Leadership – You gain insights on modeling and teaching Lean-Agile behaviors that increase engagement, accountability, and results across the organization.

Advance Large-Scale Transformations


Perhaps the greatest benefit of SAFe Agilist certification is gaining the big-picture view to advance large-scale agile transformations across the organization.

The course provides in-depth guidance on implementing Lean-Agile practices at increasing levels of scope and complexity, including:

Team Level – You learn how to rapidly increase team performance by focusing on delivering value in each iteration, building quality, and continuously improving flow.

Program Level – You gain skills to coordinate multiple teams building large integrated solutions using Lean-Agile principles like Minimum Viable Products and Set-Based Design.

Large Solution Level – Certification teaches you how to launch Agile Release Trains to align hundreds of practitioners to common timelines and objectives.

Portfolio Level – You understand approaches for strategically building solution and capability portfolios that maximize ROI while empowering decentralized decision-making.

Value Stream Level – The course covers coordinating value streams end-to-end by connecting Agile Release Trains, suppliers, and customers.

Organizational Level – You learn how to apply Lean-Agile practices across people, processes, structure, and culture to turn the enterprise into a customer-centric Lean system.

With expertise across these levels, you will have a complete picture of what is required to enable flow. This allows you to provide strategic guidance, make appropriate process changes, and build buy-in to transform large, complex organizations into truly Lean-Agile enterprises.

In summary, becoming a Certified SAFe Agilist Certified equips you with the principles, practices, and mindset to Leading SAFe in organizations. It can help boost your career, improve coaching skills, and support enterprise-wide transformations. With demand for SAFe skills soaring, SAFe Agile certification is invaluable for anyone guiding or facilitating scaled agile initiatives.

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