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What is SAFe Agilist Certification? (Leading SAFe)

what is safe agilist certification

What is SAFe Agilist Certification?

The SAFe Agilist certification, also known as Leading SAFe, is a credential provided by Scaled Agile, Inc. It is designed to validate knowledge and skills in the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) and enable individuals to lead Agile transformations at the enterprise level.

In the Agile world, most of the time, the training is conducted for the team members, Scrum masters, and product owners, however, we rarely have structured training for the leaders. Since SAFe is Scaled Agile and that impacts a lot of teams that work together to deliver a product, it is critical that the Leaders of the organization are trained first, before others. The purpose of SAFe Agilist is to deliver training to leadership and enable them to lead a large transformation.

Key Focus Areas of SAFe Agilist Certification

The certification focuses on the following key areas:

  • Understanding SAFe: Overview of the Scaled Agile Framework, its principles, and benefits in achieving business agility. SAFe has got 10 lean-agile principles. These principles are covered in detail in this topic.
  • Applying Lean-Agile Mindset: Developing an Agile mindset and understanding the core values and principles of Lean-Agile practices.
  • Leading with SAFe: Acquiring knowledge and skills to lead and support Agile teams, program execution, and fostering a Lean-Agile culture.
  • Exploring the ART: Understanding the Agile Release Train (ART), its roles, and responsibilities in coordinating multiple teams and delivering value.
  • Planning and Executing a Program Increment (PI): Learning the process of PI Planning, aligning teams, and executing Program Increments effectively.
  • Agile Portfolio Management: Understanding Lean portfolio management practices, including investment funding, prioritization, and value stream management.
  • Leading Change: Developing change management strategies and techniques to enable successful Agile transformations. Role of Leadership in driving the change within their organization.

The SAFe Agilist certification is typically obtained by attending a two-day Leading SAFe course and passing an online exam. It provides individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to lead Agile initiatives, drive organizational change, and implement the SAFe framework at the enterprise level.

Benefits of Leading SAFe with SAFe Agilist Certification

Obtaining the SAFe Agilist certification (Leading SAFe) offers several benefits, including:

  • Enhancing Agile knowledge and skills: The certification provides a comprehensive understanding of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) and equips individuals with knowledge and skills to lead Agile transformations, implement Lean-Agile practices, and drive business agility.
  • Increased career opportunities: SAFe Agilist certification is widely recognized in the industry and demonstrates expertise in leading Agile initiatives at the enterprise level. It can open up new career opportunities and enhance professional growth.
  • Improved credibility and marketability: The certification enhances professional credibility by validating Agile knowledge and skills. It serves as evidence of a commitment to continuous learning and staying updated with industry best practices.
  • Ability to lead Agile transformations: SAFe Agilists are equipped with the knowledge and tools to lead Agile transformations within organizations. They can guide teams, stakeholders, and leaders in adopting Agile practices, fostering a culture of innovation, and achieving business agility.
  • Collaboration and alignment: SAFe Agilist certification helps individuals understand how Agile teams, programs, and portfolios work together within the SAFe framework. This facilitates better collaboration, communication, and alignment between different levels of the organization, leading to improved efficiency and outcomes.
  • Networking opportunities: The certification offers opportunities to connect with a global community of Agile practitioners, providing a platform for knowledge-sharing, collaboration, and learning from peers and industry experts.
  • Increased value delivery: With a deep understanding of SAFe, SAFe Agilists can drive the delivery of value through Agile practices, effective program execution, and Lean portfolio management. This can result in faster time-to-market, improved customer satisfaction, and higher ROI for organizations.

It’s important to note that the benefits may vary depending on individual circumstances and the organization’s adoption of Agile practices.

Who should attend?

This is designed for the Leadership team to understand the Lean-Agile Principles and practices that will help achieve business agility. All the leaders in different layers of the organization should attend this certification training including – the CEO, CXOs, Senior Vice President, Vice President, Directors, Senior Managers, Engineering Managers, QA Managers, Test Managers, etc.

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SAFe transformation in an organization always starts with Leadership understanding the Lean-Agile Principles, identifying the current bottlenecks/wastes in the system, and improving the efficiency to multi-fold.

Without leaders understanding Lean-Agile and without a drive through Lean-Agile Leadership, transformation for the rest of the organization doesn’t happen successfully. Hence, Leaders should attend “Leading SAFe with SAFe Agilist” certification training and acquire the mindset & skills to drive the transformation.

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