Azure Devops Certification Training

Become an industry-ready professional with the Azure DevOps Solutions Expert masters program, which will prepare you for a career in Cloud and DevOps industry. In this course, you will learn to plan smarter, collaborate better, and ship faster with a set of modern dev services.

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Key Features

13 Hours of Live Virtual Training
20+ years Highly Experienced Trainers
Expert-Led Mentoring Sessions
Instant doubt clearing
Unlimited Access to Course Content
Course Completion Certificate
Hands-On Assignments for Each Module

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Overview of Azure DevOps Training

This comprehensive course for the Microsoft Azure DevOps Certification AZ-400 was designed by specialists in the field to assist students in becoming knowledgeable in Azure and DevOps and then using those abilities to implement DevOps in Azure it encompasses a wide range of DevOps technologies, including Git, Jenkins, Docker, Ansible, Puppet, Kubernetes, and Nagios.

Hands-on demonstrations by subject matter experts aid students in their quest to become certified practitioners through rigorous training in industry best practices.

Why Azure Devops Certification Training

Predictability: DevOps offers a significantly lower failure rate of new releases.

Reproducibility: Version everything so that earlier versions can be restored anytime.

Maintainability: Effortless recovery process in the event of a new release crashing or disabling the current system.

Greater Quality: DevOps helps the team improve application development quality by incorporating infrastructure issues.

Reduced Risk: DevOps incorporates security aspects in the software delivery lifecycle, and it helps reduce defects across the lifecycle.

Resiliency: The Operational state of the software system is more stable, secure, and changes are auditable.

Cost Efficiency: DevOps offers cost efficiency in the software development process, which is always an aspiration of IT management.

Topics Covered

Operating System Knowledge

Network and Security Basics

Introduction to Web Servers

Introduction to Azure

Infrastructure as a code (IAC)

Version control (GIT)

Configuration Management

Introduction to Monitoring

ntroduction to Containers

Cloud DB skills (SQL & NO-SQL)

Introduction to CI/CD

Why Choose Leanwisdom?

Trainers with 25+ years of experience

Free online access to all webinars

Skills Covered

Implementing DevOps with Azure pipeline

Designing and implementing source control/p>

Designing and implementing CI/CD pipelines

Deploying multi-container application in AKS

Storing secrets using Azure Key Vault

Security and compliance plan in Azure DevOps

Who can attend ?

Devops Engineer

Sr DevOps Engineer

Azure Devops Engineer

Devops software engineer

Devops Release Manager

Azure Devops Certification Benefits

Improved workflows, communication, and feedback loops

Automation practices including deployment pipelines and DevOps toolchains

Scaling DevOps for the enterprise

Demonstrate entry-level of DevOps knowledge

Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, testing, security and the Three Ways

What You'll Learn

DevOps concepts and terminology

Core DevOps Principles

Key DevOps Practices

Business and Technology Frameworks

Measurement, Metrics, and Reporting

Sharing, Shadowing and Evolving

Unique & Key Features

Azure DevOps has mature features and is well-known. It is a viable option for many organisations due to its flexibility in terms of supported platforms, languages and cloud vendors. If you are currently using Team Foundation Server on-premises, upgrading to Azure DevOps is a natural move.

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IntroductionPublic cloud
What is Cloud ComputingHybrid cloud
benefits of cloud computingIAAS
Key concepts and TerminologyCore Azure Services
Economies of ScaleSecurity, Privacy, Compliance, and Trust

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Azure Devops Certification Training FAQ's

Azure DevOps is a Microsoft Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that offers an end-to-end DevOps toolchain for developing and distributing software. It also integrates with the majority of the market’s leading products and is an excellent choice for coordinating a DevOps toolchain.

We have several customers at DevOps Group who have discovered that Azure DevOps meets their demands regardless of language, platform, or cloud.

The Azure DevOps Solutions Expert course shows you how to develop and implement DevOps processes and practices. to prepare for the AZ-400 Azure DevOps Solution Expert exam, learn how to plan for DevOps, use source control, scale Git for an enterprise, consolidate artifacts, design a dependency management strategy, manage secrets, implement continuous integration, set up a release management workflow, implement a deployment pattern, and optimize feedback mechanisms.

Roles and responsibilities of an Azure DevOps Engineer includes designing and implementing strategies for collaboration, code, infrastructure, source control, security, compliance, continuous integration, testing, delivery, monitoring, and feedback.