Leading SAFe® 6.0 Training with SAFe Agile Certification

Accelerate your organization's Lean-Agile transformation with SAFe® Agile certification.
By attending our Leading SAFe 6.0 training, you will:

✅ Discover how to build business agility within your organization
✅ Gain insights on aligning your entire organization around clear objectives
✅ Improve the flow of value and work from strategy to delivery
✅ Understand how to make your company more customer-centric
✅ Master the execution of key SAFe alignment and planning events, such as PI planning
✅ Acquire the knowledge and skills to lead a successful Lean-Agile transformation

Earn a globally recognized SAFe Agilist certification and lead your organization towards success in the digital age.

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Key Features

2 Days of virtual classroom training
SAFe Agilist Training by experienced SAFe® Practice Consultants
Real Word case studies are used during the training
Free Access to SAFe Agilist Mock exam portal
100% assured results
Obtain 16 PDUs for PMI and 16 SEUs in 2 days
Trained Over 6000 Professionals of reputed organizations
SAFe® Agilist Training includes the exam fee
Free 1 year membership to the SAFe® Community Platform
Youtube video about the overview of SAFe Agilist Certification explained by Jayaprakash Prabhakar

Upcoming Leading SAFe® 6.0 Training with SAFe Agile Certification

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Online SAFe Agilist Training
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Online SAFe Agilist Training
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Online SAFe Agilist Training
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Online SAFe Agilist Training
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Date Venue Course Name Trainer Price Action

Online SAFe Agilist Training
$ 999
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Online SAFe Agilist Training
$ 999
$ 549

Online SAFe Agilist Training
$ 999
$ 549

Online SAFe Agilist Training
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SAFe Agilist Training

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SAFe Agilist Training

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SAFe Agilist Training

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SAFe Agilist Training

₹ 63999 ₹ 47500


29 Jun - 30 Jun

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SAFe Agilist Training

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29 Jun - 30 Jun

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SAFe Agilist Training

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SAFe Agilist Training

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SAFe Agile Training Overview

SAFe® Agile Certification is designed to help software companies produce and deliver high-quality products for the market within a short time, thus leading to an increase in employee engagement. It is the world’s leading Agile framework and has brought a revolutionary change in the way companies operate.

This methodology is used by large corporate bodies, in multi-team Agile projects as well as programs. It provides the knowledge to utilize proven, integrated principles and practices to support the agility of the organization.

A noteworthy feature of this methodology is the engagement of leadership through education and training in supporting a Lean-Agile transformation.

Further, undergoing the SAFe® Agilist certification training course will guide you toward incorporating a lean-agile culture in the enterprise.

All the stakeholders (including the clients) will then be able to understand the importance of the change that is required.

Moreover, the course will motivate the workers to develop their skills as well as a knowledge base. 

During LeanWisdom’s 2-day Leading SAFe® 6.0 training with SAFe Agile certification course, you, as a participant, will learn to lead Lean-Agile enterprises by utilizing the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®).

The SAFe Agilist certification course will help you learn the principles and practices of Scaled Agile, how to execute and release value through Agile Release Trains, and get the knowledge required to transform a Lean-Agile model in an enterprise.

Training for Leading SAFe® will help you assimilate the Lean-Agile mindset and comprehend why it is imperative to adapt it to any organization today.

SAFe® Agilist certification training will also give you practical advice on how to support Agile teams and programs, empower a Lean Portfolio, build a continuous delivery pipeline and DevOps culture, and coordinate large solutions.

Therefore, to support the successful transformation of your organization into a Lean-Agile enterprise you should undergo Leading SAFe® Agilist Certification training 


  • This is not going to be a theory class. This is going to be a 2-day experience-sharing session.
  • Our trainer will share SAFe® Implementation experience so you will get a thorough understanding of how to successfully Lead the Agile transformation.

Why SAFe® Agililst Certification?

Obtaining a SAFe® Agilist certification can offer several valuable benefits for both individuals and organizations. Here's why you should consider pursuing this certification:

Individual Benefits:

1.Career Advancement: The SAFe® Agilist certification showcases your expertise in leading Agile transformations at an enterprise level. This can make you a highly desirable candidate for leadership roles focused on Agile and Lean practices.

2.Credibility: Certification demonstrates your commitment to professional development and mastery of Agile practices. It enhances your credibility and validates your knowledge and skills to employers, colleagues, and clients.

3.Skill Enhancement: The certification training provides in-depth insights into the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®), offering you a comprehensive understanding of how to implement Agile principles in large-scale organizations effectively.

4.Global Recognition: The SAFe® framework is widely recognized and adopted across various industries. Holding a SAFe® Agilist certification indicates your alignment with a globally recognized and respected Agile framework.

5.Networking Opportunities: Joining the community of certified SAFe® Agilists allows you to connect with peers, mentors, and industry experts. This network can provide valuable insights, best practices, and opportunities for collaboration.

6.Market Demand: Many organizations embrace Agile transformations to stay competitive and respond to market changes. Certified SAFe® Agilists are in high demand to lead these transformations effectively.

7.Increased Earning Potential: Certified professionals often command higher salaries due to their specialized skills and the growing demand for Agile leadership roles.

8.Leadership Development: The SAFe® Agilist certification equips you with leadership skills essential for guiding teams, driving change, and fostering an Agile culture.

Organization Benefits:

1.Efficient Agile Transformation: Certified SAFe® Agilists have the expertise to lead and facilitate smooth Agile transformations, ensuring alignment with business goals and minimizing disruption.

2.Successful Implementation: Organizations with certified leaders are better equipped to implement Agile practices consistently, leading to improved project success rates, faster delivery, and higher quality outcomes.

3.Enhanced Collaboration: SAFe® practices encourage collaboration among teams and departments, fostering improved communication, knowledge sharing, and synergy.

4.Consistent Practices: Certified SAFe Agilists help ensure that Agile practices are uniformly applied across the organization, leading to a more standardized and streamlined approach.

5.Risk Mitigation: Certified leaders understand the intricacies of scaling Agile, reducing the risk of failed transformations and costly mistakes.

6.Customer-Centric Focus: SAFe® emphasizes delivering value to customers, which aligns with customer expectations and improves overall customer satisfaction.

7.Innovation and Adaptability: SAFe® encourages a culture of innovation and adaptability, helping organizations stay responsive to market changes and drive continuous improvement.

8.Talent Attraction and Retention: Organizations with certified leaders can attract and retain top Agile talent, contributing to a skilled and motivated workforce.

Ultimately, the SAFe® Agilist certification benefits both individuals and organizations by fostering a culture of agility, improving project outcomes, and driving success in today's dynamic business landscape.

Topics Covered in Leading SAFe® 6.0 Training

1. Introduction to the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®):

- Overview of SAFe® principles and values

- Understanding the SAFe® House of Lean

- Introduction to the Core competencies of the Lean Enterprise

2. Lean-Agile Leadership:

- Exploring the mindset and behaviors of Lean-Agile leaders

- Role of leaders in fostering a culture of continuous improvement

3. Understanding SAFe Principles:

- Overview of the Seven Core Competencies of the Lean Enterprise

- Understanding 10 Lean-Agile Principles

4. Creating High-Performing Teams:

- Understanding Agile teams and Agile Manifesto principles

- Characteristics of high-performing Agile teams

5. Experiencing Program Increment (PI) Planning:

- Overview of PI Planning and its significance in SAFe®

- Steps and activities involved in PI Planning

6. Exploring SAFe Agile Release Trains (ARTs):

- Introduction to ARTs as the primary value delivery construct

- Role of ARTs in delivering value to customers

7. Building Backlogs and Planning Iterations:

- Creating and prioritizing features, user stories, and other work items

- Agile estimation and story points

- Iteration planning and execution

8. Executing and Releasing Value:

- Continuous Delivery Pipeline and its importance

- DevOps and continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) practices

9. Leading a Lean-Agile Transformation:

- Role of a SAFe® Agilist in guiding organizational change

- Key elements of a successful Agile transformation

10. Leading SAFe Exam Overview:

- Information about the certification exam format and structure

- Tips for preparing and taking the exam

Throughout the training, participants typically engage in discussions, exercises, case studies, and group activities to reinforce their understanding of the concepts presented. The goal of the training is to equip participants with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively lead Agile transformations in organizations using the SAFe®.

SAFe Agile Certification Exam Details

On successful completion of the Leading SAFe® certification training, you get access to the online portal for the SAFe® Agilist exam. The login credentials are valid for 30 days. Upon passing the exam, you will be awarded the Certified SAFe® Agilist certificate from Scaled Agile Academy.

Exam details are as follows:

Exam Type: 45 Multiple-Choice Questions

Duration: 90 minutes

Passing score: 34 out of 45 (76%)

Accessibility: SAFe® Community platform online; web-based and closed-book

Leading SAFe® 6.0 Training Advantage

In-depth Understanding: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) 6.0, a widely used framework for implementing Lean-Agile practices across large enterprises.

Scaled Agility Expertise: Develop expertise in leading and facilitating Agile transformations at an enterprise level, enabling you to address complex challenges in scaling Agile practices.

Career Opportunities: Enhance your career prospects by showcasing your knowledge and skills in leading Agile transformations, making you an attractive candidate for leadership roles in Agile organizations.

Global Recognition: The Leading SAFe® certification is globally recognized and respected, providing credibility and validation to your Agile leadership capabilities.

Alignment with Industry Standards: Align with industry-leading Agile practices and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in Agile methodologies.

Improved Collaboration: Learn how to foster collaboration among multiple Agile teams, departments, and stakeholders, resulting in improved communication, efficiency, and productivity.

Risk Mitigation: Acquire strategies to identify and address potential roadblocks and challenges in scaling Agile, reducing the risk of failures during the transformation process.

Effective Execution: Master the techniques for executing Agile Release Trains (ARTs), coordinating multiple teams, and ensuring the successful delivery of value to customers.

Change Agent Skills: Develop skills to become an effective change agent, helping organizations navigate cultural shifts and adopt Agile principles throughout the entire organization.

Tools and Techniques: Learn practical tools, techniques, and templates that can be directly applied to manage and scale Agile initiatives in real-world scenarios.

Leadership Competence: Strengthen your leadership capabilities by understanding how to drive alignment, empower teams, and foster a culture of continuous improvement within a SAFe® environment.

Networking Opportunities: Connect with a community of like-minded Agile practitioners, trainers, and coaches, allowing you to share experiences, insights, and best practices.

Increased Productivity and Quality: Implement SAFe® practices to achieve higher levels of productivity, improved product quality, and faster time-to-market for your organization's offerings.

Adaptability: Gain the skills to adapt Agile practices to the unique needs and challenges of your organization, ensuring a tailored approach to Agile implementation.

Customer-Centric Focus: Learn how to prioritize customer needs, gather feedback, and deliver value-driven solutions that meet customer expectations.

Continuous Learning: Engage in ongoing learning and professional development through access to resources, webinars, and updates related to the evolving SAFe®.

Who can attend ?

Chief Executive Officer

Portfolio Manager, Consultant

Business Analyst, Agile Coach

Solution or Systems Architect

CIO, Engineer, Project Manager

Team Lead, Release Train Engineer

Program Manager Change Agent

Vice President, Scrum Master

Note: All are welcome to attend this course, however, the pre-requisites (5 years of product development experience and experience in scrum) are recommended.

What are the Goals of SAFe® Agilist?

The SAFe® Agilist (SA) plays a crucial part in guiding and facilitating the adoption of SAFe® principles and practices within an organization. The goals of a SAFe® Agilist include:

1. Leading Agile Transformation: The primary goal of a SAFe® Agilist is to lead and facilitate the transformation of an organization's existing processes and practices towards Agile and Lean principles. This involves creating a vision for the transformation, setting goals, and guiding the organization through the necessary changes.

2. Advocating SAFe Principles: SAFe® Agilists champion the core values and principles of the Scaled Agile Framework, promoting a culture of continuous improvement, collaboration, customer-centricity, and empowerment.

3. Scaling Agile Practices: SAFe® Agilists focus on scaling Agile practices from individual teams to the enterprise level. They work to ensure that Agile practices are effectively implemented across various teams, departments, and portfolios while maintaining alignment with the organization's strategic goals.

4. Collaborating with Teams: Collaborating with Agile teams, scrum masters, product owners, and other stakeholders to ensure that Agile practices are well understood and consistently applied. They help resolve challenges, provide guidance, and foster a culture of collaboration.

5. Facilitating SAFe Events: Facilitate key SAFe events and ceremonies such as Program Increment (PI) Planning, Scrum of Scrums, and Inspect and Adapt workshops. These events help align teams, identify issues, and plan for continuous improvement.

6. Providing Training and Coaching: Provide training and coaching to teams, leaders, and stakeholders to help them understand and adopt Agile practices. They offer guidance on implementing SAFe practices effectively.

7. Measuring and Improving: Work with teams to establish metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) that help measure the effectiveness of Agile practices. They analyze data to identify areas for improvement and implement changes to enhance performance.

8. Change Management: As change agents, SAFe Agilists facilitate organizational change by addressing resistance, addressing concerns, and ensuring that everyone is aligned with the Agile transformation goals.

9. Continuous Learning: Stay updated with the latest developments in Agile practices, SAFe updates, and industry trends. They continuously learn and adapt to ensure the organization's Agile practices remain relevant and effective.

10. Driving Innovation: Encourage a culture of innovation within the organization by fostering an environment where teams can experiment, learn from failures, and develop new ideas to stay competitive in the market.

In essence, the goal is to guide the organization through a transformation journey that enables it to deliver value more efficiently, respond to market changes faster, and promote a culture of collaboration, adaptability, and continuous improvement.

Why Choose LeanWisdom ?

Accredited Gold Partner of Scaled Agile Academy

Trainers with 25+ years of experience

Free online access to all webinars

One-on-one mentoring by SPCs to improve Your SAFe® knowledge

Extensive and highly interactive mock exam to prepare you for the final exam.

Provides complete range of SAFe® Certifications

100% success rate

Unique & Key Features

Trainers in LeanWisdom have hands-on experience in implementing Agile and Scaled Agile. The training session is more of knowledge sharing and filled with practical examples. Thus, this helps you to understand and perform your role properly while executing a project.

You will receive SAFe® Agilist certification after the successful completion of the course and passing of the exam. The interactive mock exam papers will help you to prepare for the final exam.

You will be given access to the SAFe forum, wherein many more videos/resources will be shared with you.

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Basics of Agile and its 12 Principles
Drive value through the Continuous Delivery Pipeline
Lean-Agile Mindset
Empowering a Lean Portfolio
How to build a high-performing team?
Building Large Solutions through multiple programs
Planning for Program Increment (PI)
Leading a SAFe transformation to drive change

SAFe® Agile certification overview:

Scaled Agile:

The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) is an end-to-end strategy that large-scale Agile project teams can employ to bring about seamless Agile transformation in the enterprise. The framework comes up with ways to implement SAFe® at all levels - Portfolio, Large Solution, Program, and Team.  After the successful implementation of SAFe®, a lot of benefits are visible including:

  • 20 – 50% happier and inspired employees
  • 35 – 75% faster time-to-market
  • 30 – 50% increase in productivity
  • 35 – 70% reduction in errors and defects
History of Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®)

Incorporated in 2011, Scaled Agile, Inc. has since brought out 5 major updates to its SAFe® framework. These have been modified to reflect the changing industry needs. The latest update that has been released is version 6.0. In this version, the ‘Seven Core Competencies’ of the Lean Enterprise are introduced. With the help of these core competencies, organizations can use the SAFe® Framework and its principles to transform into a Lean enterprise. This transformation of the organization is crucial to help an enterprise achieve a competitive edge over its closest rivals.

Roles and Layers in SAFe®:

SAFe® consists of 4 levels of the organization with different roles and responsibilities for each level. These are as follows:

Team Level:

At this level, the roles are responsible for the synchronization of teams and events. These roles help Agile teams develop and deliver value with respect to Agile Release Trains (ART). The team-level roles include-

  • Agile Team- This is a cross-functional team that includes the Product Owner, Scrum Master, and Dev Team.
  • Development Team- This is a cross-functional team that includes testers, developers, and other specialists and is responsible for delivering a vertical slice of functionality.
  • Product Owner- This role has the responsibility of prioritizing the blog and defining user stories.
  • Scrum Master- This role is that of an Agile Team coach and servant leader who helps the team to facilitate team events, removes impediments, and nurtures an environment that brings out high performance in the teams.

Program Level:

At the Program level, roles keep the team in line with a project goal and support the ARTs with the necessary rules. The Program level roles include-

  • System Engineer- This is an individual who applies system thinking in the project
  • Product Management- The individuals holding this role are responsible for the program backlog and work with the customers and product owners to understand the product requirements.
  • Release Train Engineer- This is a chief Scrum Master and a servant leader who uses different tools and processes to facilitate the optimization of the value flow.
  • Business Owner- This comprises the stakeholders who have the responsibility to ensure ROI.

 Large Solution Level:

The roles at the Large Solution level involve collaboration between multiple suppliers and ARTs and provide the required governance. The roles at this level include-

  • Customer- The consumer of the solution
  • Solution Architect/Engineering- This may be a small team or an individual who is responsible for providing the architecture and technical vision for the solution during its development.
  • Solution Management- This role needs to collaborate and work with the end customers in order to understand their needs.
  • Solution Train Engineer- This role is that of a coach and servant leader who guides and facilitates collaboration between the suppliers and ARTs.
  • Supplier- This is the organization or an external vendor that has been outsourced to build and deliver all or some of the parts or services that form part of the large solution.

Portfolio Level:

The roles at the Portfolio level are responsible for coordination at the multiple stream level and ensuring the highest level of governance and accountability.

  • Lean-Portfolio Management- These roles represent individuals at a high level in the organization who have the overall responsibility to make top-level decisions and are financially accountable for the success of the solution.
  • Epic Owners- Individuals who coordinate portfolio epics via the portfolio Kanban systems
  • Enterprise Architect- Individual at the enterprise level who ensures portfolio optimization by providing the strategic technical direction to achieve the desired results

 Why LeanWisdom is the best SAFe Agilist training partner for corporate clients:

LeanWisdom is a Gold SPCT Scaled Agile Partner. LeanWisdom is the preferred learning partner for several corporates. We collaborate with different organizations to create and build talent for tomorrow and value for the organization. We ensure that we create business value for our clients in any program that we have undertaken globally. We aspire to help build self-organizing and high-performing teams for our clients through various workshops, while also developing in-house leadership, talent, and culture. Thanks to our exhaustive, in-depth, and comprehensive training, coaching, and consulting we are able to ensure that practices put in the process are able to sustain and, in fact, flourish. Our programs are designed in such a manner that there is always continuous support and opportunity to scale up to the next level.

We believe that your faith and trust in our services is correct because our custom Enterprise Learning Solutions (ELS), which are designed to deliver credible differentiators to our customers due to the following factors:

  • Offering training services in over 60 countries. 
  • Consultants, Trainers, and Coaches who are accredited with us have experience across diverse domains like Manufacturing, Telecom, Retail, Automobiles, E-commerce, Energy, Public Sector, and so on.
  • A one-stop Learning Partner offering over 250+ courses that help create IT professionals who are future-ready and able to support a complete Digital Talent Transformation.
  • Multi-lingual trainers who can easily understand your issues and coordinate with you. 
  • A complete Eco-system for Learning along with pre-course preparation and support materials, E-learning, Video Archive, Question Banks, Assessments, and many other learning aids.
  • Going beyond training and certifications – We have the capability to support a complete transformation and change journey for the organization with our Consulting, Coaching, and Staffing services.

Best Training Center to get Leading SAFe® Training in India:

  • Armed with all this information about the SAFe® Agile Framework, the SAFe® Agilist certification, and how to get it, you are now in a position to decide if it is right for your career. Eventually, whatever you pay for training and certification will seem less when compared to the benefits you will get from becoming SAFe® Agilist.
  • LeanWisdom is an Agile education and consulting company that can help you use the framework to its fullest capability. Browse our website to learn more about the SAFe® certification courses that we offer.
  • Our trainers have experienced professionals who possess all SAFe® certifications, domain knowledge (having worked in several domains), and years of experience in coaching and preparing professionals to become SAFe® certified.
  • Our training sessions are an interesting blend of theory and practice – with real-life examples. You will never feel bored!
  • Once you sign up for a course, it is for life. We are there for you – during the training and after. You are always welcome to contact us for any guidance.
  • LeanWisdom offers an entire gamut of training courses – so when you browse our website you will definitely find a course that suits your requirements. The chances of you not finding a suitable course are remote.

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Leading SAFe® 6.0 Training with SAFe Agile Certification FAQ's

The Lean-Agile method taught in the SAFe Agilist course is the most efficient way to manage projects. The SAFe Agile process makes it possible to solve complex issues, manage large teams, and adequately deliver projects. The SAFe Agile certification is globally recognized, and companies are looking to hire professionals with SAFe Agilist Certification.

The pass percentage is 76% (minimum 34 correct out of 45 answers)

  • Upon successful completion of the training and clearing the exam, the participant will get Certified SAFe Agilist certification by Scaled Agile Inc (SAI)
  • This also includes a 1-year certified membership as a SAFe Agilist, which includes access to the SA Community of Practice
  • Participants will be eligible to apply for 15 PDUs toward their continuing education requirements with the Project Management Institute (PMI) for PMP, PgMP, PMI-ACP
  • Participants will be eligible to apply for SEUs under Category C, toward earning or renewing their CSP through Scrum Alliance.

Yes, the exam fee is included along with the course fee.

Yes, we do offer In-House training. For which we will need a minimum of 15 members to deliver this training. If you wish to enroll for In-House Training at your company, please mail us at [email protected] for more details.

Please send us an email at [email protected]

All are welcome to attend the course, regardless of experience. However, the following prerequisites are highly recommended for those who intend to take the SAFe® 6 Agilist (SA) certification exam:

  • 5+ years of experience in software development, testing, business analysis, product, or project management
  • Experience in Scrum
  • Multi-choice questions
  • Web-based (single-browser), closed book, no outside assistance, time-boxed
  • 90 minutes for 45 questions (approx. 2 minutes per question)

No, not necessary.

You can enroll in this classroom training by online mode. Payments can be made by using any of the following options and a receipt for the same will be issued to the candidate automatically through email.

  • Debit/Credit Card
  • Net banking
  • Cheque

All are welcome to attend the course, regardless of experience. However, the following prerequisites are highly recommended for those who intend to take the SAFe® 6.0 Agilist (SA) certification exam:

  • 5+ years of experience in software development, testing, business analysis, product, or project management
  • Experience in Scrum
  • Name: SAFe® 6.0 Agilist Exam
  • Format: Multiple Choice
  • Delivery: Web-based, closed book, no outside assistance, timed
  • Duration: 90 minutes (1.5 hours)
  • Number of Questions: 45
  • Passing score: 35 out of 45 (76%passing scores)
  • Language: English
  • Exam Cost: The first attempt of the exam is included as part of the course registration fee if the exam is taken within 30 days of course completion. Each retake attempt will cost ₹4200.
  • Retake Policy: The Second attempt of the exam (first retake) can be done immediately after the first attempt. The third attempt needs a minimum wait of 10 days. The fourth attempt requires a 30-day wait.

Yes, we provide a hard copy of the training material during the course. You will also get access to the SAFe Agilist eLearning program in Scaled Agile Inc.

SAFe Agilist Certification is valid for one year, after which you will have to renew it by paying a fee of $195/year + applicable tax.