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SAFe Agilist Certification Exam Format [2024]

SAFe Agilist Certification Exam Format

The SAFe Agile certification is one of the most popular agile certifications available today. It validates your knowledge of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) to successfully drive business results in large enterprises. But what exactly does the certification exam entail? In this blog post, I’ll walk you through the key details on the SAFe Agilist certification exam format so you know what to expect on test day.

Leading SAFe / SAFe Agilist certification exam Format (2024 Format)

Leading SAFe Exam Overview

Here’s an at-a-glance overview of the logistics for the Leading SAFe certification exam:

Exam Details Description
Format 45 multiple choice questions
Length 90 minutes to complete
Content Applying SAFe principles and practices, supporting PI planning events, ARTs , Agile Product Delivery, Agile Product Management behaviors, SAFe portfolio (Added more details in table 2)
Passing Score 36/45 questions correct (80%)
Allowed Materials Closed book, no outside materials allowed
Delivery Format Online proctored or in-person testing center
Languages Available English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, Latin American Spanish, French, German, Russian

Exam Content Breakdown 

The SAFe Agilist exam covers six key competency areas aligned to the SAFe 6.0 curriculum. Here is the breakdown of topics and percentage of questions from each lesson domain:

Download Syllabus

Lesson Topics Percentage of Exam
Lesson 1: Digital Age and Business Agility Thriving in the digital age, SAFe as an operating system, Core competencies of business agility 12-14%
Lesson 2: Lean-Agile Leaders Lean-Agile Mindset, SAFe Core Values, SAFe Lean-Agile Principles 29-33%
Lesson 3: Team and Technical Agility Cross-functional teams, Built-in quality, Organizing around value with ARTs 6-8%
Lesson 4: Agile Product Delivery Customer-centric culture, Design thinking, Managing flow with ARTs, PI planning, Continuous delivery pipelines 29-33%
Lesson 5: Lean Portfolio Management SAFe portfolio, Strategic themes, Portfolio canvas, Lean budgeting, Portfolio Kanban 12-14%
Lesson 6: Leading the Change Lead by example, Lead the change, SAFe Implementation Roadmap 6-8%


As you can see, a significant portion of the exam focuses on applying Lean-Agile principles as a leader and delivering value through Agile Product Delivery and PI Planning. This aligns with the core knowledge and behaviors required of a SAFe Agilist.

Question Format

The questions on the SAFe Agilist exam are situational and scenario-based. You will be presented with a real-world agile scenario and asked to identify the best response based on SAFe principles and practices. For example:

Which of the following is the BEST way for a System Team to manage dependencies during a Program Increment planning session?

A. Negotiate directly with other System Teams during planning B. Identify dependencies and risks and escalate them to the Solution Train C. Document dependencies and negotiate solutions during the planning increment D. Identify dependencies in advance and mitigate risks before planning begins

This requires analyzing the situation and selecting the response that aligns to SAFe recommended practices for managing dependencies across value streams.

Preparing for the Exam

Since the SAFe Agilist exam is scenario-based, the best way to prepare is to understand how to apply SAFe principles and practices in real-world situations. Some tips:

  • Take a formal SAFe Agilist course to deeply understand the framework’s principles, values, practices, and roles
  • Review the exam content outline and know which topics have more exam weight
  • Read case studies on SAFe implementation to gain applied knowledge
  • Take practice tests to experience the scenario-based question format

With this overview of the SAFe Agilist certification exam format, you can feel fully prepared and confident on exam day. Understand the principles of SAFe, practice applying them situationally, and you’ll be on your way to becoming a certified SAFe Agilist!

Final Words

The SAFe Agilist certification validates your competency in leading enterprise agility with SAFe. While the exam covers a breadth of topics, being able to apply SAFe principles situationally is critical.

Make sure to prepare by fully understanding the core tenets of the framework, reviewing the exam content outline, and practicing scenario-based questions. Hands-on experience applying SAFe in the workplace can also help you connect knowledge to practice.

With the right preparation, you’ll feel ready to demonstrate your SAFe Agilist abilities on exam day. Certification will empower you in your lifelong journey as an enterprise Lean-Agile leader driving digital transformation. Good luck!

The SAFe Agilist certification opens up greater career opportunities and enables you to thrive in the digital age. I hope this breakdown demystifies the exam format and content so you feel fully prepared and confident once you sit for the exam. Let me know if you have any other questions as you begin your certification journey!

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FAQs on Leading SAFe / SAFe Agilist Exam Format

How much does the SAFe Agilist exam cost?

  • The first exam attempt is free for those attending a Leading SAFe course.
  • Subsequent exam attempts are $50.

What is the renewal fee?

  • The renewal fee is $195 to retake the exam and renew the certification for one year.

Where can I take the SAFe Agilist exam?

You can take the exam either online via webcam proctoring or at an in-person testing center. Over 450 locations are available worldwide.

What score do I need to pass the SAFe Agilist exam?

A score of 36 out of 45 questions correct (80%) is required to pass and earn your certification.

What kind of questions are on the exam?

The exam consists entirely of multiple choice questions that test your ability to apply SAFe principles in real-world scenarios.

How long is the certification valid for?

The SAFe Agilist certification is valid for one year from the date you pass the exam.

How do I renew my certification?

You Have to Login to SAFe studio with your credentials & renew the membership.

Are there prerequisites to take the exam?

There are no mandatory prerequisites. However, taking a Leading SAFe course is recommended to fully understand the framework.

What resources should I use to prepare for the exam?

The SAFe provides exam content outlines, sample tests, and courses to help you prepare. Hands-on SAFe experience is also valuable.


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